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Banks Sidewinder® Dakota - The World's Fastest Diesel Truck


Diesel Swaps
Diesel Power - January 2013

Bitten by the World's

Setting a speed record in a diesel pickup is challenging enough, but doing it in a street-legal rig that can also serve as a tow vehicle is another thing entirely. That's the extraordinary achievement of Gale Banks' Project Sidewinder Dakota, custom-fitted with a seriously modified Cummins ISB 24-valve 5.9L powerplant. No single vehicle has ever done so many things so well. Consider the following…

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Power Broker
Sport Truck - January 2008

Banks isn't just in the business of making Duramax-powered trucks go fast, either. The original Sidewinder truck is the Cummins diesel Dodge Dakota rocket truck that set the FIA world record for speed on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 217.306 mph in 2002. That's quite an amazing feat, but what's more amazing is that the truck was driven to the track in Utah from California while towing its own support trailer and averaging a staggering 22 miles per gallon. The 15:1 compression, 5.9L Cummins diesel puts out 735 hp and 1,300…

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Banks Readies for 2004 Bonneville
Turbo Diesel Register - Fall 2004

Some years ago, I had a photo assignment at Willow Springs Raceway to shoot a new 904 Porsche with a 911 engine replacing the original, damn-the-cost, four-cam, bevel-drive unit. As an on-again, off-again Porsche enthusiast, I had convinced myself that this little rocket could be the perfect street machine. That was before the ride around the track. Race machines make marginal street machines at best, no matter how keen the prospective owner might be toward the project…

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Banks At Bonneville
Super Rod - January 2004

Hey, you out there in Illinois, South Carolina or (heaven forbid) Texas; have you ever dreamed of going to the Bonneville Salt Flats — going really fast and setting a record? This is a good, clean, honest car guy’s dream. The dream was mine before I could legally drive. Gale Banks had the same dream, but he was in California and I was in Texas — so he got there long before I did. It wasn’t just geography, you see; from the very get-go, Banks had a plan — a very solid plan — and Buckaroo is going to use Banks as an example, so…

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Sideways Into the Record Book
Truck Trend - July/August 2003

"I'll kick your ass on straight diesel"

217.314 Miles Per Hour

Quick Specs:
Engine type: 5.9-liter 1-6
Turbo boost: 48 psi
Max output: 735 horsepower
Max torque: 1300 lb-ft

Think you have a fast pickup truck? Are you convinced the big brute in…

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Gale Banks Engineering
Undercar Digest - June 2003

Gale Banks Engineering likes to get attention for its products by proving a point. The company’s Dodge Dakota truck, the Banks Sidewinder, made that point Oct. 17 when it set a land-speed record for pickups – 222 mph – at the Bonneville Salt Flats using a modified 5.9-liter Cummins turbo-diesel powerplant.

Although Gale Banks Engineering is one of many companies making performance exhaust systems, it takes a “systems approach” to improving…

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Banks Sidewinder Rattles Bonneville
Truckin - May 2003

The Anatomy of the Sidewinder

Gale Banks is known for producing performance power systems for both gas and diesel engines. Banks engineering's reliable performance products are tested and proven at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Banks has captured many land speed records. Banks hoped to make the general public, as well as gearheads, gain a better understanding of the…

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Flat Out on the Salt
Sport Truck - May 2003

Gale Banks wants to change your mind about diesel engines-and he's going about it in a pretty spectacular way.

The Dakota pickup you see here was clocked in excess of 222 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. In doing so it set international speed records for production-based pickup trucks. Getting it there was diesel power in the form of a specially modified 5.9L Cummins inline six similar…

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Holy Smokeless!
Mopar Now - Spring 2003

Here’s one for the run-whatcha-brung record books. And we do mean record books. Last October 17, with the Bonneville Nationals World Finals already well underway at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, the crew from Gale Banks Engineering pulled in after driving all night from their headquarters in Azusa, Calif. They unhitched the trailer from their Dodge Dakota tow vehicle and on Saturday set the world speed record for pickup trucks – with the tow vehicle…

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Engineering: Banks Runs for the Records
Turbo Diesel Register - Spring 2003

En_gi_neer_ing \ “en-je-‘nir-ing\ n: the practical use of science in industry, building and manufacturing.

Driving out and onto the Bonneville Salt Flats one imagines suddenly being placed on a polar ice cap. The landscape is white like frozen snow, with a crunch underfoot to match. Off in the distance the mountains rise above the valley floor. However, you hear the rumble of a highly modified…

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Banks Sidewinder: The World's Fastest Pickup! - February 2003

Sidewinders are well known for their unique form of locomotion. These venomous predators travel quickly and efficiently over the loose surfaces of the desert southwest’s flatlands across a range that extends from California to Nevada and down through Arizona into Mexico. But there’s one very special sidewinder that has found a way to thrive in Utah. Its habitat is the salt flats of Bonneville where it’s been clocked moving at…

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Banking on Power of Diesel
Pasadena Star-News - September 2002

AZUSA — Gale Banks hopes that in five weeks, he'll be driving the fastest sport pick-up truck in the world to work daily.

Banks is president of Banks Engineering, an after-market company that specializes in producing more power for diesel engines. His goal is to push his Project Sidewinder, a Dodge Dakota with a diesel-powered engine, to speeds up to 210 mph…

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Diesel Land Speed Record —
Goal of Project Sidewinder

Diesel Progress - August 2002

A new high profile engine and vehicle development program has its sights set on a new diesel land speed record at Bonneville Speed Week this August, as well as the Bonneville World Finals. The program, called Project Sidewinder, brings together Cummins Inc., Gale Banks Engineering, along with Holset Turbocharging, New Venture Gear, the Progress Group and Wilwood Engineering…

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