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Banks Sidewinder® Dakota - The World's Fastest Diesel Truck

Banks Sidewinder Dakota project videos

Sidewinder Dakota: Building it

This vid shows the Banks team dynoing the engine and building the truck. By the way... can this sucker drift!

Sidewinder Dakota: Tow it

Vid of the Sidewinder Dakota towing its own race trailer just before its initial run at Bonneville. Listen to the engine on the drive by. If that doesn't get your oil pumping then you aren't a gearhead!

Sidewinder Dakota: Race it

Vid of the run at Bonneville. Check out the inside view of the gauges and the driver. The part when the driver has one hand on the wheel and one on his knee was at 220 mph! Now that's steady.

Sidewinder Dakota: In the pits

Here's some vid of the Banks team getting the Sidewinder Dakota ready for it's run at Bonneville. Check out the 40 gal icewater tank for the intercoolers. After the run the water was hot enough to make soup!

Sidewinder Dakota Interviews

Interviews at Bonneville 2002.

Banks Sidewinder on Automaniacs

Goldberg talks about the Banks Sidewinder Dakota on his Automaniacs show. The Sidewinder's top speed of 222 mph makes it the world's fastest diesel truck!

Sidewinder Dakota vs. C6 Corvette

The Banks Sidewinder Dakota stops by a Cummins dealership and has an opportunity to display some awesome power.