Diesel Air Intake

Good Morning and Welcome to DIESEL AIR INTAKE class:

Here's a little physics exercise for you... First, take a nice fast run around the block. OK? Good! Now take another run, same speed, same distance, but this time take your hand and cover your nose and mouth. A little tougher, right?

Breathing, and breathing lots of cool, clean, clear air is good for us.

And it's good for your diesel-powered pickup as well. Diesel performance is all about the old "...In comes the good air... Out goes the bad air." mantra. The better it can do that, the better your diesel is going to run. Remember your diesel air intake only has to deal with that one element... air.

Your father's old fashion gasoline-fired horse and buggy had to deal with both fuel and air in it's intake system. Hard to tune, the compromise is rarely ever right for one or the other part of the whipped-up mixture. Diesel design allows the two combustion elements (fuel and air) to enter the combustion chamber individually to optimize what they do inside the engine.

Now along comes a company like Banks Power who looks at diesel air intake systems and says: "Hey, we've got a lot of sharp engineers, designers, and technicians just itching... Let's figure out some ways to get more air into diesel engines, I'll bet that they'll run better!" And those fateful words remains hanging in the air... The original understatement of the decade.

BANKS DEEP BREATHERS: Flashing forward a few years, we find Banks Power the leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of advanced diesel air intake systems in the United States enjoying a dual reputation for producing both the best quality products and the best possible results.

Banks Ram Air systems are designed with only one thing in mind and that is to cram, jam, RAM more cold, dense, clean air into your hard-working diesel engine... After which you may use your engine's nicely upgraded efficiency as you wish.

Banks Ram Air systems are available for most late model pickup trucks (Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan) and all of them (as well as many other items of interest) on the Banks website: www.bankspower.com

Now, if you really feel the need to get even cooler, there's the Banks Super Scoop... A little add-on item to the Banks Ram-Air that reaches way down under the front bumper where the coolest air is and blasts it into your Ram-Air! We want to really thank you for attending this DIESEL AIR INTAKE seminar, please call Banks Power toll-free @ 800-601-8072 to order your own Ram-Air today... Class dismissed!

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Get the perfect Diesel Air Intake system for your truck, motorhome or SUV

  • Diesel Air Intake Systems
  • Banks Super-Scoop® 06 - 07 Chevy/GMC 6.6L Duramax LLY-LBZ shown

    Banks Super-Scoop®

    Forces charge of cool, pressurized ram air into filter housing.

    Banks' exclusive Super-Scoop® is an add-on product to the Ram-Air® Intake System. Super-Scoop connects below the front bumper, forcing a big charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the Ram-Air Intake's air filter housing. Because the air is drawn from outside the engine compartment, it has greater density and makes more power than the warmer engine air.

    Super-Scoop® cooler, denser air also improves fuel economy, reduces smoke and lowers exhaust gas temperatures! Rainwater and debris are funneled out of the bottom.

  • Ram-Air® Intake System 07 - 08 Chevy/GMC 6.6L Duramax LMM shown

    Ram-Air® Intake System

    Enclosed diesel air intake systems for diesel & gas pickups & gas motorhomes. Streamlined components eliminate stock restrictions; flow more cool, dense air for greater power & fuel economy.

    Testing, testing & more testing.

    Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems are tested and proven. They start out as CAD software prototypes and are put through flow simulations. After a hardware prototype is made, it's tested on a flowbench. Then it's tested on the vehicle. And finally, Banks' density-tests the Ram-Air against stock and many competitors.

     Proven design. Proven performance.

    Thanks to its enclosed cold-air housing, huge inlet, giant dome-shaped lifetime filter and streamlined design, Banks Ram-Air Intake maximizes the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. It flows 47% better than stock diesel air intake systems. And delivers greater air density to the turbo's inlet than the stock system and every competitor tested! Add on the optional Super-Scoop, and the results are even better!

     It's all about density.

    And Banks Ram-Air Intakes deliver. The harder you work your truck, the more Banks Ram-Air Intake improves power and fuel economy!

     Longer service life, too.

    An aftermarket exclusive: with 5" bellows, Banks Ram-Air accommodates engine movement, which protects the components and extends service life. What's more, Ram-Air is designed to not cause fault or error codes.


  • High-Ram® Intake 03 - 07 Dodge 5.9L Cummins shown

    High-Ram® Intake

    Larger & less restrictive than the puny stock air intake, High-Ram allows a greater flow of oxygen-rich air into the cylinders for instant torque & responsiveness + greater fuel economy.

    An intercooler increases the air density, which allows your engine to produce more power. So it stands to reason that you wouldn't want to restrict the flow of air exiting the intercooler, right? Unfortunately, that's exactly what the stock piece does. See how cramped and angular the factory inlet is compared to Banks' larger, streamlined cast-metal High-Ram.

    Diesel Air Intake

    Banks' High-Ram intake flows air much more efficiently, providing greater boost without the drawback of raising turbine backpressure. You'll enjoy improved acceleration and better fuel economy from your diesel air intake system!

Dodge - 5.9L Cummins Diesel Air Intake