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Banks Sidewinder S10 project videos

Banks Sidewinder S-10 Drag Truck Diesel Performance: 7.77 sec @ 180 mph

7.77 Seconds @ 180.00 MPH -- New NHRDA Record.
The record took place March 7, 2009 at the NHRDA Desert Diesel Nationals at the SpeedWorld Dragstrip in Wittman, Arizona.

Banks S-10: NHRDA record

The Banks Sidewinder S-10 diesel drag truck posted the first and only sanctioned and backed-up 7-second quarter mile.

S-10 diesel drag truck: 7.723

The Banks Sidewinder S-10 drag race team achieved another milestone in diesel performance when it ran well into the 7.70s with a 7.72 best at 179.21 mph during the 2008 Super Chevy Show at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana. The world's quickest and fastest diesel drag truck backed up the 7.72 with a 7.78, 179.23 later in the day, making it one of the quickest and fastest vehicles on the grounds -- period.

Banks S-10 runs 7.89 @ 173.51

A burnout followed by a run of 7.89 @ 173.51 on Feb. 21, 2008 at Wittmann, Arizona.

Banks S-10 sets NADM record: Famoso

Three runs, including 8.06, 162.66 NADM world record, at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield on February 23, 2008.

Banks Sidewinder S-10: first diesel drag truck in 7's

While testing out our latest transmission mods at the dragstrip we ended up with our best run ever… and became the first diesel drag truck in the 7's! 7.96 @ 167.34!!!

Banks Sidewinder S-10: trans testing

Video of our transmission tests at Speedworld Dragstrip in AZ. The engine's power is too much for the trans-brake… yet we still manage a great run.

Banks S-10 breaks into the sevens

Running 7.96 seconds at 167.34 miles an hour, the Duramax-powered Banks Sidewinder S-10 became the first diesel truck into the sevens. This test took place at the NHRA-sanctioned Speedworld Dragstrip in Wittmann, AZ on Dec.18, 2007.

Banks S-10: Quickest & Fastest Diesel Drag Truck

Our fourth and final run at the NHRA Las Vegas event. 8.21 @ 165mph.

Banks S-10: 3rd run at NHRA Nationals

Our fourth run was faster (8.21 @ 165mph), and we'll post that soon, but here's our third run in the meantime (8.22 @ 164mph).

Banks S-10: Final run of the day

After some minor adjustments driver Wes Anderson takes out the Banks Sidewinder Duramax S-10 out for its last run of the day. Check out the final results, and the Banks crew still has more tricks up their sleeves. A fantastic end to a great day. And yeah… still no smoke. (This was at California Speedway, Oct. 20th)