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Diesel Performance Products

At Banks Power performance has always been much more than an 11-letter, three syllable word. In fact if there could be a big one-word caption hanging in the sky over the Banks buildings in Azusa, California it would simply read: PERFORMANCE.

For us, performance starts with the first spark of an idea for a new product, the sensing of a need followed by designing, engineering, testing, and re-testing until its performance meets or exceeds Banks Standards, and those are the toughest canons of true all-around performance there are.

Banks has a proven high-performance track record that reaches back over half a century, a level-headed understanding of the present, and a grasp of what's going to be needed in the future like no other company in its field.

And, setting numerous national and international diesel speed records is just the icing, just the title page. The real benefit of that activity to Banks customers is the kind of R&D diesel technology that can only be had in the hard-fought, no-prisoners world of open motorsports performance. We run what we build harder, faster, and longer than any Banks customer would ever even think about doing.

From that crucible comes the fire; we'll get to the ice next...

After we've "tested" the stuffings out of any new products on the track, we then beat the living heck out of them in the "lab". We do it in real vehicles, under real world driving conditions and in things like our environmental "enclosure*", that looks like a cross between a giant microwave oven and something that Doctor No was trying to use to split James Bond in two the hard way. This diabolical machine has a range of -70 below zero to +170 degrees Celsius (water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100!).

Our test engineers stick every electrical component that Banks makes into that thing and hit the "MAIM" switch. If they work after being flash frozen and deep fried, then they test them some more.

We make the best-working, toughest diesel performance stuff in the business, and we prove it (to ourselves) every day!

As we hope you're thinking right about now: At Banks, our engineers and technicians really do things "the hard way" so our customers don't have to.

That's real "performance", and that's what built in to every Banks diesel product. Whether the performance our customers seek is better mileage, better acceleration up hills, onto busy highways, for towing, or just for the fun of it.

For more than 20 years now, Banks has been the leader in light truck, SUV, and motorhome diesel performance. We are very proud of what we've accomplished and very excited about what's coming next.

*most of the Banks engineers who use it just refer to it as "the torture chamber".

Diesel Power & Efficiency Systems

PowerPack® System

Stinger-Plus® System

Stinger® System


Sidewinder® Turbo System

Big Hoss® Bundle

Six-Gun® Bundle

Diesel Tuners & Programmers

EconoMindTM Diesel Tuner and Banks iQTM

EconoMindTM Diesel Tuner and Switch

Banks BulletTM

Six-Gun® Tuner and Banks iQTM

Six-Gun® Tuner and Speed-Loader®

Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner

Big Hoss® Module

Big Hoss® Diesel Tuner

Banks iQTM

Cold Air Intake

Banks Super-Scoop®

Ram-Air® Intake System

High-Ram® Intake


Techni-Cooler® Intercooler System

High-Ram® Intake

Exhaust Brakes

Banks Brake®

SmartLock® Trans Brake

Exhaust Systems

Monster® Exhaust System

Monster® Diesel Duals Exhaust

Torque Converters

Banks Billet "Non-Flex Flexplate"

Banks BilletTM Torque Converter

Turbo Upgrades

BigHead® Wastegate Actuator

Quick-Turbo® Assembly

Fuel Injection & Engine Mgmt

Big Hoss® Intake Manifold


Banks SpeedBrakeTM

exhaust: Ford 6.4L

Banks Monster Diesel Dual exhaust on a Ford 6.4L truck.