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Friday Night News Articles

  • Friday Night News
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    “ Diesel Performance - The Dyno Tool”
    August 13, 2010

    Ever wonder why different dynos yield different numbers?
    There is a wide variety of dynos in use, designed with different capabilities, ratings and purposes. Some are more repeatable than others. In many ways, the type of dyno an engineering company uses defines its capabilities. It also says a lot about their standards.

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    “ Dyno Bound”
    July 30, 2010

    Here's something that's been a part of Gale Banks Engineering history almost since its inception, just now it is going to get bigger, newer power.

  • thumb_FNN_marineTT.jpg
    “ Forced Induction Madness-The birth of an intake-charge-air cooler”
    April 09, 2010

    Here's a video of the monster Steam Punk Banks Twin-Turbo Marine engine in action on the dyno.

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    “ The Banks Engine Test Cells - State of the Art and Ever-Changing”
    September 04, 2009

    There are a number of areas located throughout the 11+ acre Banks design and manufacturing facility that are dedicated specifically to testing.  This Friday we're specifically looking at the engine test cells.