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Banks NAV™ Navigation software
for use with the Banks iQ 2.0.
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Get directions

Banks NAV uses the Banks iQ 2.0’s processing and GPS muscle to bring you turn-by-turn navigation to get you to your destination every time.  With visual and verbal directions and 7 million of points of interest (with phone numbers) throughout the United States and Canada, you won’t need another device. (Banks NAV sold separately.)

  • Easy installation, ready for in-vehicle use
  • Full featured navigation
  • Innovative user interface
  • Accurate vehicle positioning and map matching
  • Destination entry by Address, Crossroad, and Point of Interest
  • Discernible map zoom levels
  • For use with the Banks iQ® 2.0 (Not included)

Find your heading

A normal compass will tell you the direction you’re heading, but that’s about it.  By using GPS technology, the Banks iQ 2.0 can tell you so much more. Towing a load up some twisty hills? The Banks iQ 2.0 even displays elevation, and the grade you are climbing. Whether you use the built-in GPS Compass, or upgrade to Banks NAV™, the Banks iQ 2.0 will get you where you need to be.

It’s in the stars

The GPS feature in the iQ 2.0 allows pinpoint definition of your position, actual speed, and elevation at any given time. Put in a different gear set? Running huge off-road or low-profile tires? Using advanced GPS technology, the Banks iQ 2.0 shows you your actual speed… even with stock tires. Displays active satellite connections and strength.

Banks NAV (Navigation Software for use on the Banks iQ) sold separately.
8-Lug: Banks NAV for the Banks iQ Banks NAV for the Banks iQ - Lost?
Not if you have Banks NAV for the Banks iQ

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— Joe Burnside; 8-Lug Magazine
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