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Banks iQ  

Banks iQ® Software update


Identifying Current Versions

To update the firmware on your Banks Tuner or SpeedBrake, follow the instructions below.

If you are interested in updating your iDash or Banks iQ without updating Tuner/SpeedBrake firmware, skip ahead. Please note that some Banks iQs may not operate correctly without Tuner/SpeedBrake firmware that is up to date.
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It is important to first identify the versions of software currently being used in your various system components to properly determine which items might require updates.

Banks iQ to vehicle

Connect Banks iQ to Vehicle

Make sure that your Banks iQ is connected to your vehicle
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Key On

Turn key to "ON"

Turn key to the "ON" position and wait for your Banks iQ to activate.
Note: It is not necessary to start the vehicle.
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Enter the "Options" menu

Enter the Options menu by pressing the wrench icon from the
Power, Safety or Combination Tuner/SpeedBrake Modes
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Select "Version info"

Scroll through the options menu to access "Version Info"
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Firmware numbers

Make a note of the following items if present:

— Banks iQ Version
— Tuner Part Number
— Tuner Firmware Version
— SpeedBrake Part Number
— SpeedBrake Firmware Number

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Important note about Banks iQ Features: The Fuel Economy Mode and its associated features are available on some applications using Banks iQ version 1.5 and numerically higher versions of the Banks iQ software. These features may not be accessible, however, if the Tuner and/or SpeedBrake firmware versions are not current. To ensure that your entire system is up to date, follow the complete Banks iQ update instructions.Fuel Economy Mode features are currently available for Ford 6.0L and 6.4L and GM LMM applications. BanksNav and Compass Mode features are available for all applications.