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Banks iQ® Software update

iDash Owners - Please do not attempt to update your iDash.
At this time, the Banks iDash is shipping with our latest software.


Updating your iDash/Banks iQ (Windows) Banks iQ update utility for Windows computers

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To update your iDash or Banks iQ, follow the instructions below.
Please note that some Banks iQs may not operate correctly without Tuner/SpeedBrake firmware
that is up to date. If necessary, update the firmware on your Banks Tuner or SpeedBrake.

The instructions below are for users on a Windows based computer. If you are using an Apple computer, please click here.  Banks iQ update utility for Apple computers

Install ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center

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It is necessary to have Microsoft ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows 7 and Vista) installed on your PC. If you do not already have ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center installed, follow the links below for your operating system
WIndows XP ActiveSync
Click here for WinXP
Windows Mobile Device Center 32-bit
Click here for Vista/7 32-bit
Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit
Click here for Vista/7 64-bit

Windows Vista/7 32-bit or 64-bit — How do I know? »

Install Banks iQ Update Utility

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The Banks iQ Update Utility is software that will be installed on your computer and will allow communication between your PC and the iDash or Banks iQ. If you have already installed the Banks iQ Update Utility, you may skip this step.
iQ Update Utility software
Click here for Update Utility

You are now ready to begin the Update process

Follow the steps below to complete the update process:

Note: After an update, certain modes may not populate until after being connected with your vehicle.
This behavior is normal.

Remove Banks iQ® from Vehicle

Remove iDash/Banks iQ from vehicle

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Remove Micro-SD card from Banks iQ®

Remove micro-SD card (if present)

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Power on

Power on iDash/Banks iQ

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Select the Productivity Mode

Select "Productivity" mode

From the "Mode Select" screen, scroll to select the "Productiviy" Mode.
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Select Desktop

Go to the Desktop

Select "Desktop" to enter the Windows Mode
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Suspend the Banks iQ

Suspend the iDash/Banks iQ

After opening the desktop screen you need to select “Suspend” through the start screen.
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Connect Banks iQ to your PC

Connect iDash/Banks iQ to your computer

Locate the supplied USB cable and connect the iDash/Banks iQ to a USB port on your PC.

microSoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center should detect the connection and open a new window. If a connection is not established within about 10 seconds, unplug the USB cable from your computer, then tap the 'Start' button on the iDash/Banks iQ, select suspend, and then plug the USB cable back into the computer
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Open Banks iQ Update Utility

Open iDash/Banks iQ update utility

Once the iDash/Banks iQ Update Utility opens, it will take a few moments to establish a connection.
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Banks iQ Connected

Verify connection

Make sure that the Update Utility displays 'Connected' and the button on the screen is green before proceeding.

Your iDash/Banks iQ is now connected to the PC and is ready to be updated.
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Check for Updates

Check for iQ Updates

Click on 'Check for iQ Updates' button to search for the latest updates. This will automatically search our database for the most up-to-date downloads currently available.
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Select the latest Version

Select latest version

Select the latest version located on the left side of the screen under 'iDash/Banks iQ versions available on the server'.
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Compare version numbers

Compare update to current version

Compare the 'Currently Installed Version' to the 'Selected Update Version'.

If the message '<Not Available>' appears beside 'Currently Installed Version', your iDash/Banks iQ has the latest version installed and does not require updating. Do not proceed from this point.
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Check for sufficient memory

Check for sufficient memory

If updating is required, make sure there is sufficient memory space before beginning the update process. If there is not enough space, you may need to remove some files to make room.
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Begin Update

Begin update

Click 'Update' to begin updating the iDash/Banks iQ.
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Allow update to complete

Allow update to complete

The update will take several minutes to complete. Please be patient and do not disconnect the iDash/Banks iQ.
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Power off and disconnect Banks iQ

Power off iDash/Banks iQ & disconnect

After the update is complete, turn the iDash/Banks iQ OFF and disconnect the USB cable.
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Power on your Banks iQ

Power on iDash/Banks iQ

Turn the iDash/Banks iQ ON and allow the system to boot up.
Note: After an update, certain modes may not populate until after being connected with your vehicle. This behavior is normal.
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Select the Productivity Modes

Select "Productivity"

From the 'Mode Select' menu, scroll to locate and press on the 'Productivity' button.
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System Information

Select "System Info"

Scroll to locate the 'System Info' button and press it to verify the iDash/Banks iQ version.
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Verify Update

Verify the update

Compare this version with the one selected in the iDash/Banks iQ Update Utility. If the versions are the same the update is complete. At this point, you can reinsert your micro-SD card (if present).

If the version is different than the one you have selected, go back to the beginning of Step 3 and repeat the portions of the process starting with connecting the iDash/Banks iQ to the PC.

If problems persist and the iDash/Banks iQ is not updating to the correct version, call Banks Tech Support at (888) 839-2700.

Important note about iDash/Banks iQ Features: The Fuel Economy Mode and its associated features are available on some applications using Banks iQ version 1.5 and numerically higher versions of the Banks iQ software. These features may not be accessible, however, if the Tuner and/or SpeedBrake firmware versions are not current. To ensure that your entire system is up to date, follow the complete iDash/Banks iQ update instructions.Fuel Economy Mode features are currently available for Ford 6.0L and 6.4L and GM LMM applications. BanksNav and Compass Mode features are available for all applications.