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Jay to Gale: Hey, Can You Banks This?

...Harnessing the power of over 1600 horsepower is no easy task!

Follow along with us as we take a behind-the-scenes trip through the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering laboratory to view the magical transformation of a Cold War-era giant into a modern superpower.

Yeah, it's got a HEMI! Believe it or not, it was early experimentation with hemispherical head tank engines like this that started Chrysler's legacy of the HEMI engine. In stock form, this engine was rated at 810 horsepower on 80 octane gasoline.

Jay Leno's Tank Car Overview

Jay Leno's Tank Car Terrorizes the Streets!

Watch Jay Leno's infamous "tank car" in the race shop at Gale Banks Engineering. The Korean-War-era M47 Patton tank engine had 810 hp when it came to Banks -- it left with 1600 hp (and according to Jay, the fuel economy is even better).

Jay's film crew covered the Tank Car for a story on