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Magazine Articles

  • Magazine Articles - November 2007
  • Drive_Nov07_cvr.jpg
    “ Jay Leno's Ultimate Hot Rod”
    Drive! Magazine - November 2007

    What happens when you leave a Korean War tank engine sitting too close to the hot rod that you parked over at Gale Banks Engineering?

  • truck-trend.gif
    “ Safe At Any Speed”
    Truck Trend - November 2007

    When I started in 1958, all engine tuning was a mechanical enterprise. Today, especially in the diesel world, many tuners still rely on retro technology, but I'm not one of them.

  • 8-lug.gif
    “ Efficient Breathing”
    8-Lug - November 2007

    Banks' Monster Exhaust System Upgrade for the '07 Ford F-250.