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H.O 6.0 Banks Big Hoss Bundle for 6.0L Diesel Fords   One of the great experiences of life everyone should…well…experience is the power rush of a modern-day modified diesel. Once outfitted appropriately with proper-flowing exhaust, intake, and electronics programmed for maximum fuel delivery, a diesel will have the response of a gas engine but with two or three times ... Read more about this post

Boost in a Crate… It’s a V8 Gale Banks Engineering’s Twin-Turbo Small-Block Chevrolet V8: 1,115 HP @ 100 OCTANE/815 HP @ 91 OCTANE Some say American Iron has its place…in the gun sights of an import. We’ve talked about displacement and how turbocharging can make a small engine “bigger.” Bigger is bigger so when a large-displacement engine like a V8 or V10 get ... Read more about this post

Guys Talking Cars Jay Leno talks about the Banks Gearhead Bash  Jay and his host, Gale Banks, discuss the finer points of building very fast vehicles. Even Leno had never seen a street-legal belly tank. I love Gale Banks semiannual picnic, better known as the Gearhead Bash. I always tell my wife it’s the social event of the internal ... Read more about this post

Banks’ Twin-Turbo Sport Truck: It’s Alive! Sport Truck’s Joe Pettitt takes some adrenaline-pumping 0-60 blasts in Banks Twin-Turbo test truck click to enlarge Last month, we showed the Banks Twin-Turbo SS454 test mule just after the crew dropped the dyno mule motor into the engine bay. This month, it’s alive. The reasoning for bringing the beast to life is to promote what Gale Banks ... Read more about this post

Deep Breath Truckin’ follows the step-by-step installation of a Banks Stinger system on an ’03 Chevrolet 6.6L Duramax When looking for increased power, look no further than Gale Banks Engineering, one of the industry’s leaders and innovators. Banks opened his shop in 1958, specializing in race engines, and then in 1960, he expanded into the marine performance world. ... Read more about this post

Turbo Terrors You can huff and puff and blow the competition away! The search for improved automobile engine power has been going on as long as enthusiasts have been tinkering with cars. There are a number of ways to increase an engine’s power output, but regardless of the method used, the end result must always be the same ... Read more about this post

Talking Turbos Banks Returns to the Streets with a new Twin Turbo Kit The turbocharger has long been recognized as the most efficient form of supercharging. Without need for a belt or any other parasitic element to rob precious power, the exhaust-driven turbo is capable of providing boost for a minimal power price. The downside of running a ... Read more about this post

Racing Into the Future Gale Banks Builds a Road-Racing Diesel Pickup Gale Banks is determined to prove that diesel engines are the most viable powerplant for the future of transportation. With more than 25 years of experience building the largest manufacturing company of performance products for diesel-powered vehicles in the world, Banks knows diesels. To further prove his point, Banks has ... Read more about this post

’99-04 V-10 Super Duty Power Upgrade: More Power, Better Mileage Installing And Testing Gale Banks Engineering’s PowerPack System. Ford’s 6.8L gasoline-fueled V-10 Triton is a torquey over-square engine that comes in most F-250 Super Duty pickups as well as several popular motorhome chassis. It’s a tough 415ci engine that, in stock trim, puts 310 hp and 425 lb-ft to the flywheel, and it loves to tow ... Read more about this post

They Thought Diesels Were All About Fuel Economy…Until I Beat Them by a Mile How I Taught My Friends a Thing or Two About Diesel Performance When I told my buddies I was buying a diesel pickup, they thought I was out of my mind. Leave it to friends to tell you when they think your doing something stupid. They brought up every negative aspect they ever heard about diesels. Understand, ... Read more about this post