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Steroids by Banks Dodge/Cummins 5.9L 12-valve turbo-diesel trucks Neary undetectable once installed, the improved turbine housing that’s part of the Stinger-Plus and PowerPack® systems does its fair share of helping the packages work. Better throttle response comes naturally with this carefully designed upgrade, in addition to better flow, and hence performance. Steroids By Banks We used to think the Dodge Ram ... Read more about this post

Product Evaluation: Banks PowerPack Ford Power Stroke 7.3L turbo-diesel trucks New bolt-on components make the Ford diesel-powered pickups stand up and roar Since the trend toward larger, heavier trailers with more slideouts and luxury options began, owners call on today’s diesel pickups to tow more weight than ever ­and they want to go uphill faster! Gale Banks Engineering of Azusa, ... Read more about this post

Tow Test: Ford F-350 Diesel Stock vs. Turbo Ford 6.9/7.3L diesel trucks If you think diesels are slow, you’re right—but what happens when a Gale Banks turbocharger is added to the same truck? The Ford 7.3-liter (444-cubic-inch) V-8 is the largest, most-powerful, non-turbocharged diesel engine offered in light trucks. Built by Navistar—the maker of International heavy-duty trucks—it has a successful reputation in heavy-duty, commercial International ... Read more about this post

The Wizard of Azusa Ford 7.5L trucks The Ford F250, equipped with the big-block 460 cubic-inch V8 engine, is a popular choice with many sportsmen who tow boats and trailers. Aftermarket performance products specially designed for towing applications can enhance performance as well as ensure long engine life. When you teach a pickup how to take a deep breath, magical ... Read more about this post

Product Evaluation: Banks PowerPack Ford 7.5L Class-A and -C motorhomes New system for the Ford 460 increases power and improves fuel economy Acceleration = Force/Mass. It’s simple Physics 101, and it is incontrovertible. Unfortunately, many motorhomes have too little of the former and too much of the latter to satisfy their owners. Changing these variables is a popular pastime with ... Read more about this post

A Class of One Road Test: GMC V-2500 Suburban—now with Banks turbo power. The Suburban is unique. Introduced in 1935, this giant four-door, four-wheel-drive bus is currently a class of one. Classified as a ‘Truck Wagon,” the Suburban has seen some competition during its 55-year history, but since the 1975 demise of the International Travelall, no major manufacturer has offered ... Read more about this post

Rx for Power GM 7.4L Class-A motorhomes   The Banks PowerPack® System for motohomes with the GM 454 engine consists of components to replace stock intake and exhaust equipment. Also included is a transmission-governor modifcation kit for altering the shift points under full throttle. The Banks PowerPack® intake and exhaust systems improve engine breathing, resulting in better performance and fuel ... Read more about this post

Articles on Turbocharging A great issue that’s full of turbo talk. Turbo’d Buick Regals, turbos explained, intercoolers explained, turbo buyer’s guide, and a nice spread on a cool ’32 coupe. Download a PDF with all the stories here » Read more about this post

Performance Odyssey Can you put a turbo’d V6 in a boat? That was the question General Motors asked Gale Banks … you can guess his answer! For the last several years, one commonly accepted source of compact, smooth, lightweight power for marine applications has been the turbocharged gasoline engine. In fact, for the automotive industry the turbocharger appears ... Read more about this post