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Dwayne Peace’s Ridler-winning ’55 Thunderbird A Banks 1150 HP Twin-Turbo system was selected to grace the underhood of Dwayne Peace’s award winning 1955 Ford Thunderbird. You normally don’t want to mess with something after it achieves icon status because, in most people’s eyes, it has already attained perfection. Put a better smile on the Mona Lisa? Nah. Change the original formula ... Read more about this post

Instant Gauges and More Installing the New Banks iQ Flash in Project TDI As diesel enthusiasts. we all want as much information as we can get on the performance of our vehicles so we know when we are getting close to the danger zones, in terms of EGTs and trans temps. To that end, several domestic truck makers have started ... Read more about this post

Banks iQ Flash Programmer Banks iQ Flash Programmer—It’s More Than Just a Performance Tuner A few months back Team RV Magazine was invited to spend a day at Gale Banks Engineering in Azusa, California. It’s an industry-leading facility that honestly made us feel more like we were getting a behind-the-scenes tour of a NASA facility. One of the coolest and ... Read more about this post

6.6L Crate Engine For this first time in the history of diesel performance, you can now buy a 100-percent, brand new diesel crate engine. 575 HP, turnkey, and there’s not a used part in it. Till now, if you wanted a Duramax V-8 in anything other than the fullsize GM truck it came in—your best option was to buy ... Read more about this post

Hot-Rodding Humvees The biggest name in diesel performance ups the power in up-armored Humvees. AM General’s military Humvee was developed during the Cold War to use General Motor’s 150hp and 250-lb-ft of torque 6.2L V-8 diesel. Like the Jeep before it, the Humvee is deployed throughout the world for use in hundreds of different applications-many of which are ... Read more about this post

Clean Diesel Power Once again Banks shows us the path to more power without choking the environment, this time on a 2008 Duramax LML. We have seen plenty of diesel engine power adders that make large power numbers and provide truck owners with the ability to easily destroy drivetrain parts. With black soot pumping from an open 5-inch sewer ... Read more about this post

Class-A Hot Rod For years the Banks Power badge on the side of an RV has always meants that a rig is packing some real horsepower. Today, that still holds true. For years the Banks Power badge on the side of an RV has always meants that a rig is packing some real horsepower. Today, that still holds true.So, ... Read more about this post

The iQ Flash Banks’ Amazing New Controller for Diesels Diesels have always played a major role in the Dirt Sports Nation. Their ability to product massive amounts of torque with little effort make them excellent choices for towing. Couple that prowess with great fuel economy and it is little wonder that diesels are often found under the hoods of ... Read more about this post

Banks Intercooler Install Keeping it cool with a Banks Techni-Cooler bolt-on kit! For those of you own on of those OBS (old-body-style) Ford F-250 Power Stroke diesels, you may or may not know that when you are towing, your EGT (exhaust gas temperature) tends to spike a little more than you’d like. One of the biggest reasons for that ... Read more about this post

Inside The Gale Banks 630T V6 Diesel Engine Diesel Power magazine gets inside the first potential 1/2 ton diesel engine. In 2013, the diesels are coming! Our industry is poised to see more diesel-powered vehicles for sale in the United States than we’ve had since 1985. Of the dozen new diesels we expect to be able to purchase, the one powerplant we’re most excited ... Read more about this post