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Project Sidewinder's vs. Ferrari Enzo

December 13, 2002

Sidewinder Dakota vs. Ferrari Enzo

 Country of origin  Italy  USA
 Type  Two-door, two-passenger
 sport coupe
 Two-door, two-passenger sport truck
 Introduction  2002 Paris Motorshow  2002 Bonneville World Finals
 Displacement  6.0 liter (366 cid)  5.9 liter (359 cid)
 No. of cylinders  12  6
 Fuel system  Bosch Motronic fuel injection  Bosch/Cummins common rail
 direct injection
 Induction  Naturally aspirated  Holset variable-geometry turbo
 with Banks controller
 Valvetrain  4 valves/cyl, DOHC  4 valves/cyl, cam-in-block
 Compression ratio  11.2:1  15.1:1
 Horsepower  660  735
 Torque  485  1300
 Max RPM  8200  4000
 Transmission  6-speed manual  6-speed manual
 Specific output  110 hp/liter (1.8 hp/cu. inch)  125 hp/liter (2.0 hp/cu. inch)
 Brakes  4-wheel Brembo vented disc  4-wheel Baer-Alcon vented disc
 Wheels/tires  245/40ZR19 (f), 345/40ZR19 (r)  255/45R18 (f), 295/45R20 (r)
 Fuel tank capacity  22.9 gal  22 gal
 Cruising range @ hwy mpg  275 miles  466 miles
 Type of fuel  Premium unleaded  Regular diesel
 Curb weight  3009 lbs  5300 lbs
 Towing capacity  0 lbs  5000 lbs
 Top speed  217.5 mph (estimated)  222.139 mph (measured)
 Fuel economy  8-12 MPG  21.2 MPG
 Standard Equipment  
 Air conditioning  Yes  Yes
 Stereo  No  Yes
 Trailer hitch  No  Yes
 Automatic trans.  No  Optional
 Available colors  Red, yellow  Red
 Pricing and Availability  
 Price  $650,000  Priceless
 Availability  Sold out  Sold out