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Pikes Peak 2011 - Race to the Top!

What's To come

July 26, 2011
by Gale Banks

Sometimes engagements take time before they reach the Altar. Such is the case with the Paul Dallenbach racing #98 Unlimited Class, Pikes Peak racer. Owner Leonard Arnold teamed with Gale Banks to produce 1307 bhp of Banks Turbocharged SB1 Chevy, and for a few hundred miles of sub record testing, everything was aces. It seemed that the Lola transaxle was happy with the Banks Turbos, but then the bride broke her leg (right half shaft) on her way up the aisle. Banks reflected, "Talk about coitus interuptis, the engine is fine, we'll sort out the drive train at the Lands End Hill Climb August 7th, where Dallenbach currently holds the record. I'm counting on a marriage made in heaven at Pikes Peak 2012.

Watch for us:

Lands End Hill Climb -
August 6 & 7th, 2011 in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Visit for more information

Pikes Peak - 2012 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Tune-in on race day


Fan Fest (Tonight, 5:00-10:00) – Live audio broadcast from KRDO (105.5 FM/ 1240 AM) beginning at 6:00 pm; live audio & video broadcast at beginning at 6:00 pm

Race Day (Sunday)
Live Radio broadcast on KRDO Radio (105.5 FM/ 1240 AM) beginning at 8:00 am
Live Timing & Scoring: all day on race day beginning at 9:00 am
Live Streaming Coverage: Of Finish Line at the Summit on beginning at 9:00 am

Ticket prices begin at $40.00, with a Family Four-Pack available at $125.00 and VIP admission priced at $80.00. Tickets, limited camping permits and all other race information is available at



Qualification is complete

June 24, 2011
by Matt Trainhman

Getting ready for some practice runsToday didn't go as smoothly as we were all hoping, but we did find the root cause of a nagging issue that was becoming more and more prevalent as practice week went on.

I had been seeing, and attempting to correct in the engine management, an Air:Fuel mixture issue that we were experiencing during the runs starting from mid-practice Wednesday on. The root cause was found to be hardware related, not software, and will be fixed by race day - the engine is still healthy otherwise. The fixes will be verified at the PPIR roadcourse test track tomorrow.

In spite of the fueling issues, the chassis refinement continued - more aerodynamic, suspension and tire evolutions refined the handling of the car to Paul Dallenbach's satisfaction, correcting a serious oversteer condition on the dirt section of the course.

With a major lack of power, Paul still managed to run a best time of 4:54.34 - not good enough to be top qualifier, but still respectable for the only two wheel drive competitor in the Unlimited field, on a qualifying section with more than two miles of dirt in it.

Best times are as follows - these will determine the starting order for the Unlimited class:

Tajima: 4:33.80
Millen: 4:48.27
Dayraut: 4:51.79
Dallenbach: 4:54.34

It's off to Fan Fest with the racecar, then off to testing tomorrow!



Practice update

June 23, 2011

Getting ready for some practice runsPaul made five runs. Best time of 2:33.08 on the third run.

Best times from the competition:

Tajima 2:47.61
Millen 2:32.07
Dayraut 2:44.65

Summary of best times from practice (middle third / upper third / total / delta from fastest):

Dallenbach: 2:00.23 / 2:33.08 / 4:33.31 / ---
Millen: 2:03.98 / 2:32.07 / 4:36.05 / +2.74
Tajima: 2.00:39 / 2:47.61 / 4:48.00 / +14.69
Dayraut: 2:04.11 / 2:44.65 / 4:48.76 / +15.45

These are 'raw' times from the timing staff, and may not be the exact times USAC reports (when/if they ever post times). These are accurate as far as we know.

Getting ready for some practice runs Getting ready for some practice runs Getting ready for some practice runs



Report from pikes peak

June 22, 2011

Getting ready for some practice runsAfter a great day of practice runs today on Section 2 (the middle third of the course, from Glen Cove to Devil's Playground) Leonard Arnold’s #98 PVA-03 car driven by Paul Dallenbach smoked the competition in the Unlimited class. Paul was able to push the newly twin-turbocharged car harder and harder with each run as adjustments were made to the suspension and aero. The turbo system by Banks Power worked flawlessly as its altitude compensation systems teamed with the engine’s ECU putting to rest any rumor that there was turbo lag or wheel spin issues.

Each of the competitors in the Unlimited Class brought some potent machines, making the race field tougher than ever. By the last run Paul rocketed through the course at 2:00.23, coming in at 0.16 seconds faster than last year’s winner and closest rival “Monster” Tajima’s best time of 2.00.39. Paul's best-ever section time and the fact that he's 20+ MPH faster than his 10:239 second-place finish last year bodes well for a first-ever sub-10-minute time this Sunday.

Leonard Arnold's team of local gearheads is poised to pull off one of the biggest upsets ever in niche motorsports. His beer-and-barbecue-budget Coloradoan squad enters the 2011 PPIHC as slight favorites over the Suzuki/Falken/GoPro defending champions (who also hold the course record).



Turbos in the clouds
Gale Banks Engineering Returns To Twin-Turbo Racing For Pikes Peak

by Tom Morr

Turbos in the CloudsAt Banks Power, the motto is, “Banks…we provide life after wide-open throttle”. That attitude explains why pro racer/stunt driver Paul Dallenbach and car owner Leonard Arnold contacted Banks for their 2011 assault on the Pikes Peak, "The Race To The Clouds."

Son of famous Indy 500 racer Wally Dallenbach Sr., Paul is a three-time Pike's Peak International Hillclimb overall winner. He's also a former course record-holder and six-time class champion.

Because Dallenbach has mastered the Open Wheel class in his Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Q-sponsored car, he and car owner Leonard Arnold decided to move up to the Unlimited division last year. Paul finished second behind new course record-setter "Monster" Tajima by 28 seconds. At that race Paul only had 745 bhp on tap

This year Banks Power is helping Dallenbach challenge Tajima's record of 10:01 for the 12.42-mile climb, hoping to reclaim Paul's 1993 status as course record-holder. This project also marks a return to Banks' involvement in twin-turbocharged racing. The company introduced its original Chevy small-block Twin-Turbo system in 1978. Record-holding cars with the system included Banks' Pontiac Firebird GTA set the FIA doorslammer land-speed record of 268 MPH at Bonneville in 1987, which then went on to break its own record…

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Paul Dallenbach's Pikes Peak Car Poised To Be King of the Mountain Once Again

by Tom Morr

One of Robert Redford's best efforts is "Downhill Racer," about a professional skier. Like Redford's character, Paul Dallenbach races on a Colorado mountain. Dallenbach is the polar opposite of a ski racer, however. Instead of using gravity to go as fast as possible, Dallenbach fights the laws of physics in Leonard Arnold's purpose-built racecar. This racegoes against gravity — and oxygen.

Uphill RacerSon of Indy 500 competitor and racing announcer Wally Dallenbach Sr., Paul assaults the Lower 48's most famous mountain almost every summer. He and Leonard Arnold's Famous Dave's Bar-B-Q team spend the better part of the year preparing for a race they hope will take less than 10 minutes.

Dallenbach knows what it takes to win the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (PPIHC). He's a former course record-holder and six-time class winner in Arnold's car, which is sponsored by Famous Dave's and Banks Power. In an attempt to reclaim the King of the Mountain title and beat the course record of 10:01 set by Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima in a twin-turbo Suzuki SX4, Dallenbach moved up to the Unlimited Class last year…

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part two: "Testing on the Mountain"

June 15, 2011
by John Espino

A view from the topThe latest video from Banks Power, shows the results of the most recent upgrades done to Leonard Arnold's Pikes Peak racer by none other than Gale Banks himself and ace engineer/engine calibrator Matt Trainham. With driver Paul Dallenbach putting the engine's newly twin-turbocharged might to the test, the car now has the horsepower to accelerate quicker and to go much faster than ever before. Although Paul's been driving this car for years now, the newly added power has made this familiar old horse into a stampeding beast. It's a new ball game as he learns what the car can do all over again.

Getting lined upBanks Power has made adjustments to its twin-turbo system and equipped the car with an altitude compensation system that its military division (Banks Defense) has been working on for armored vehicle use, infinitely varying the boost pressure to match both demand and the rapidly changing environment on the hill. Matched with the engines ECU it created a complete engine management system that is ahead of the pack, giving the driver all the firepower he needs in any situation at a moment's notice.

Paul Dallenbach #98Even with the driver putting the power down conservatively during this practice run, the car rocketed through the upper portion of the course at 4.56 (a record we're told for that section).

The car is rather unique in the "Unlimited" category as it's a pure American hot rod powered by a twin turbo Chevy engine and being rear-wheel driven. It's more like an angry Indy car than the small displacement all-wheel drive rally-like racers in the field.

Keep your seatbelts buckled… there's more to come with further engine calibration tweaks from Banks’ Matt Trainham and chassis tuning from crew chief Kevin Kidwell and team continuing during practice June 21st to the 24th, with race day being on the 26th! Check back for constantly updated info including event coverage.



Pikes Peak, here we come!!!

May 26, 2011
by John Espino

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is the second oldest motor sports race in America (only the Indy 500 is older), a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region, and is the world’s highest altitude auto race. An annual event since 1916, 2011 marks the 89th running of the “Race to the Clouds.” Notable past winners include Al Unser and Mario Andretti.

The PPIHC is a dangerous sprint run of 12.42 miles that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the mountain’s 14,110 foot summit’s and is a grueling test on both man and machine. As the drivers climb toward the summit, the thinner air slows the reflexes and saps the muscle strength. That same thin air also robs engines of 30% of their power at the summit. Both competitor and vehicle need to be in top shape simply to finish… let alone win.

The real goal isn’t just to get to the top, but to beat the 10-minute barrier for the first time in the race’s history. With over 8,800 attempts so far drivers have come very close. In 2007 the sub 10 minute mark was almost broken by Nobuhiro Tajima who currently has the standing record of 10:01. This is the year the Dallenbach Racing Team aims to smash that record, and bring the trophy and title home.

Driver Paul Dallenbach is no stranger to Pikes Peak, or racing for that matter. With serious racing credentials in road, endurance, CHCA, and rally racing he’s already seen victory on the mountain. Himself a former record holder (1993), he has won the hill climb a total of 6 times in his class. Paul also does stunt driving in films and is a driving instructor.

Dallenbach Racing and Banks Power have teamed up to take on this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The car has proven itself time after time with a naturally aspirated engine, but to spice things up the team wanted to move to the Unlimited class. Unlimited Class is just that: no rules really on engine, drive system or fuel used. Banks lends a hand with its turbocharging, tuning and engineering expertise boosting the formally normal breathing engine’s power output from a not-too-shabby 745 hp & 650 lb-ft to a whopping 1307 hp & 1206 lb-ft.

Paul Dallenbach #98What makes this car special is team behind it.  As opposed to other full paid race teams with full factory support, they are all volunteers working with a limited budget. We like to think of it as a “David vs Goliaths” story.  We know David wins… but this time he has a bigger rock.

The big event is June 26, 2011 so make sure to come back and watch what is sure to be one heck of a race to the top!

Latest Video:

2 turbos 1 mountain: a quickie

2 turbos 1 mountain: a quickie
June 22, 2011 — Here's a short cell phone clip from the last run Wednesday morning. Details on the runs to follow - we turned the best time overall today in this practice section.

Latest Photos:

Early in the morning! Some last minute preparations Getting ready for a shakedown Ready to go... Get set... GO!!
Click above to zoomclick to zoom

Testing on the Mountain

Part Two: Testing on the 

2 turbos 1 mountain: part 2
June 4/5, 2011 — The car is rather unique in the Unlimited category as it's a pure American hot rod powered by a twin turbo Chevy engine and being rear-wheel drive. It's more like an angry Indy car than the small displacement all-wheel drive rally-like racers in the field.


Early in the morning!
Some last minute preparations Getting ready for a shakedown
Ready to go... Get set... GO!!
Donuts at the top

Click above to zoomclick to zoom

Shakedown testing

Shakedown testing — May 12, 

2 turbos 1 mountain
May 12, 2011 — Dallenbach Racing & Banks Power have teamed up to take on this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.


Paul Dallenbach
One component of Banks Twin-Turbo Banks Twin-Turbo system installed Getting ready for a shakedown
On the track Banks Turbocharging

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