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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Dynafact, Thermocouple Kit - EGT Peripheral
For use with Banks iQ Flash
Banks iQ
PowerPDA replacement system
Upgrade for Six-Gun/EconoMind w/PDA docking station owners
Banks NAV
(Banks iQ sold separately)
Back-up CAMERA, for use with Banks iQ/iDash
(Banks iQ/iDash sold separately)
Back-up Camera Extension CABLE, 20'
use w/ Crew Cab Trucks
(Banks iQ/iDash sold separately)
Banks iQ/iDash CASE w/ integrated speakers
(Banks iQ/iDash sold separately)
SUN VISOR, for use with 5" Banks iQ/iDash only
(Banks iQ/iDash sold separately)

Owners Manual(s)

Interface- Banks iQ "first generation"
Ford (03-10), Chevy (01-10), Dodge (03-07)
Tech_icon Download
Interface- Banks iQ "second generation"
Ford (03-10), Chevy (01-10), Dodge (03-07)
Tech_icon Download
Interface- Banks iQ 2.0
Ford(03-10), Chevy(01-10), Dodge(03-07)
Tech_icon Download
Interface- Banks Navigation
For use with Banks iQ
Tech_icon Download

Banks iQ saves a tranny


When we talk about aftermarket parts it's often about how much horsepower or torque they add. Usually the kick in the pants is worth the cost of the parts. But rarely does anyone talk about some of other aspects of aftermarket parts that make them valuable.

When Joe Burnside was on his way to work everything seemed just fine and dandy, but his Banks IQ warned him that his transmission was slipping. Curious what the warning was all about Joe pulled over and saw transmisssion fluid pouring out from a defective tranny cooler hose. If he had not had the Banks IQ in his truck the repairs would have cost thousands. Thanks aftermarket!

Aftermarket parts to the rescue

Original story from: 8-Lug magazine online

Banks iQ® Man-Machine Interface magazine reviews


Don't just take our word for it—check out what everyone else in the industry is saying about the Banks iQ...

Diesel Power, May 2012

"Save Fuel, Add Power, Break Nothing With Banks iQ"
Diesel Power - May 2012

More Power and Better Economy For Our 2007 5.9L Cummins


RV magazine, Fall 2010

"Smarter Tuner"
RV magazine - Fall 2010

The Banks iQ is a full-fledged, handheld computer.


Truckin', May 2010

"Smarts Plus Muscle"
Truckin' - May 2010

Smarts + Muscle = Banks iQ Micro Computer and Six-Gun Power Tuner


8-Lug, March 2010

"A Smart Banks iQ"
8-Lug - March 2010

The Banks iQ Dashboard PC is a full-fledged, handheld computer for your truck. It features a 5-inch touch-screen display, micro SD card slot...


Diesel Power, January 2010

"Diesel Super Computer"
Diesel Power - January 2010

The Banks iQ: An Automotive Equivalent of the iPhone?


Sport Truck, May 2006

"Personal Diesel Assistant"
Sport Truck - May 2006

Banks iQ Takes Diesel Tuning to the Next Level


Dirt Sports, January 2006

"Making Big Diesel Power"
Dirt Sports - January 2006

A 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab 4x4 gets a Big Hoss Bundle - with the new Banks iQ!


The Banks iQ on Motorhead Garage

What's so great about the Banks iQ? Watch as Gale shows all the features and benefits to the guys at Motorhead Garage. They're convinced that it's great—will you be? Call 1-800-GET-POWER for special introductory deals on your own Banks iQ.

Banks iQ

The Banks iQ is the world's most advanced man-machine interface. It's a true dashboard PC that's packed full of functions and applications for use inside and outside of your vehicle.

Banks customer - Ford 6.0L F-350

Rip from SoCal wanted extra power to tow big loads when he needed to, and he also wanted a way to save fuel when his tank was getting low. He found what he was looking for in the Banks iQ and PowerPack.

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Aside from the nuts and bolts of comparative performance and fuel economy is the aesthetic value of Banks' kit. Everyone who enjoys engine performance gets excited about equipment that looks good and has an authoritative sound. In those categories, Banks scores a 10.

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