Banks Brake®

Banks' revolutionary design produces stronger braking power than other exhaust brakes. The large-bore housing, streamlined to increase airflow and diffuse exhaust, adds to engine power when Banks Brake is inactive. Banks engineered in a timed valve closure rate to prevent backpressure spikes common to other exhaust brakes and provide smooth operation. Every unit is factory tested and never requires calibration.

Note: SmartLock required on automatic transmissions.

Please note: This Banks Brake cannot be installed on a vehicle that has the Banks Ram-Air intake system.

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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Banks Brake system (fits Banks exhaust)
Pickup | Banks exhaust
(Not compatible with Banks Ram-Air)
1998-02 55219
Banks Brake system (fits stock exhaust)
Pickup | Stock exhaust
(Not compatible with Banks Ram-Air)
1998-02 55221

Owners Manual(s)

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Banks Brake on 1999 Dodge Ram


I have just installed your exhaust brake system on my 99 dodge ram 2500 and going over the mountain passes on our vacation has been great. NO MORE WHITE NUCKLE DRIVING... the exhaust held my trailer at about 60MPH on the downhill in overdrive in most areas and in the 8% area i locked out the overdrive and was able to go all the way down without touching the brakes ONCE instead of my normal slow from 80 to 55 and back. I am now a customer for life. I have the trans lock along with the banks brake, chip, and the bighead and my truck is now better than when new. I will continue to upgrade with you ... the best part of my upgrades so far... NO SMOKE and just pure awesomeness... thank you!

—Roy Del Pozo

Banks Brake on TrucksTV

As part of an episode on the Banks PowerPack, TrucksTV host Stacy David touches on some key points of the Banks Brake (the Power Stroke model is shown here).

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Banks provides a much needed performance boost plus ten percent jump in mpg.

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