Techni-Cooler® Intercooler System

Superior to stock, everything about Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler system is bigger. It includes mandrel-bent 3.5" high-flow boost tubes (see the comparison to stock here click for larger ) ... large, high-efficiency all-aluminum end tanks instead of the wimpy stock plastic ones that can rupture under high-boost conditions ... a wide-open inlet and outlet ... a 19% thicker core area with a 21% improvement in volume ... and a colossal super-flow High-Ram intake manifold (check that out).

Techni-Cooler dramatically increases the cooling capacity by balancing the richer fuel mixture with greater airflow and cooler, denser air. Denser air has more oxygen, which improves combustion as well as engine efficiency. Result: higher continuous power and more power at any exhaust gas temp (EGT), better fuel economy and lower EGTs. That's a truckload of benefits! Banks Techni-Cooler delivers the maximum reduction in boost air temperature with a minimal loss of boost pressure. It doesn't get any cooler than Techni-Cooler! Mounting hardware included.

Please note: 2005 Excursion owners must identify which manifold they have. See the difference here >

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System Includes:


High-Ram® Intake

Improves airflow from the intercooler. 


ApplicationYear RangePart #
Techni-Cooler system (High-Ram included)
Pickup, F-250/350/450
2005 Excursion (see note in product description before ordering): Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-90
2003-04 25974
Techni-Cooler system (High-Ram included)
Pickup, F-250/350/450
2005 Excursion (see note in product description before ordering): Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-90
2005-07 25975

Owners Manual(s)

Intake- Techni-Cooler Intercooler Assembly
F250/F350/F450F550 Trucks & Excursions
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6.0L Techni-Cooler & Ram-Air


I just wanted to send a quick note concerning the recent purchases for my 2004 Ford F350 6.0 Power Stroke. I purchased the Banks Ram Air Intake (42155) and the Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler (25974).

I chose Banks for these purchases because of my past experience with Banks products:
- 1990 Ford 7.5L V8 - Stinger Exhaust and later, the TorqueTube Manifolds
- 2004 Ford (current truck) with the Banks Turbo-Back exhaust.

After reviewing the online owner's instruction manuals, I decided to do the install myself. I used the online instructions to perform the removal portion of the install - and was ready for the remainder of the installation when the parts arrived. I must say that the installation instructions were right on the mark - just follow the step-by-step instructions. The instructions were very well written and were complemented nicely with the photographs.

The quality of the hardware and parts were typical of Banks. I like the way the boost tubes are manufactured with the end ridge to prevent blown hoses. The Ram Air is great - too bad the Ford air filter didn't install as easily as the Banks!

The performance improvements are great. I really got on it to test the install - everything works great. I am looking forward to towing the trailer.

Rich B.
Stagecoach, NY


Banks Techni-Cooler reviewed by 8-Lug magazine


Text and photos by Adam Dobbs

For those of you own on of those OBS (old-body-style) Ford F-250 Power Stroke diesels, you may or may not know that when you are towing, your EGT (exhaust gas temperature) tends to spike a little more than you'd like. One of the biggest reasons for that is because these trucks were not equipped with an intercooler. In today's world of diesel-powered vehicles, it is not uncommon to see a truck equipped with an intercooler from the factory.

When Chevy, Dodge, and Ford started offering turbocharged diesels, they were fine. And the manufacturers did not need to do anything extra to help cool the motors. But in this day and age, turbodiesel trucks are not only your standard work truck, but they are also built for performance! For the next couple months, you are going to follow along with us to see how you can make your very own OBS F-250 diesel a towing machine with performance parts from Banks Power. In this segment, you will see how Bill Cohron at Power Hungry Performance in Winder, Georgia, installs a Banks Techni-Cooler on our ‘96 Ford F-250.

PHP shows you how this kit is a complete bolt-on kit, with no welding and very little in the way of modifications. It only took Bill three hours for the install using basic tools. If you won one of these trucks and you tow a lot or plan on installing some performance stuff, make sure to check out for your performance needs. And if you're near Winder, Georgia, hit up Bill Cohron at:

Once the install was complete and a few test runs had been conducted, there was a 100 to 150 degree drop in EGT. This is especially good to know if you tow a lot of heavy equipment and/or run Stage 1 or larger injectors. Knowing the truck is running cooler always makes it a little less stressful going on those long trips.

To see all the photos and the step-by-step install, click here »

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Be sure to visit the 8-Lug website »

Techni-Cooler: on TruckU

Adding the Banks Techni-Cooler to your truck increases air density for more continuous power. The guys at TruckU explain how it works and why you need it.

Techni-Cooler: on Xtreme4x4

The difference between the stock intercooler and the one by Banks is quickly made apparent by Ian and Jessi on Xtreme4x4.

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Why an Intercooler Upgrade Makes Perfect Sense

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Aside from the nuts and bolts of comparative performance and fuel economy is the aesthetic value of Banks' kit. Everyone who enjoys engine performance gets excited about equipment that looks good and has an authoritative sound. In those categories, Banks scores a 10.

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