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TwinRam® Intake Manifold

TwinRam intake manifold doubles the inlet area, optimizes air distribution into the cylinder head, and flows the boosted air proportionately into all six cylinders. The equalized air-streams do away with lopsided internal temperatures, balance cylinder air volume and produce smoother output. By driving a greater charge of air into each chamber, TwinRam amps up the power rating, improves mileage and durability, and reduces emissions.

• Cast intake manifold design doubles stock inlet area
• Increases and balances boost-air distribution into all six cylinders
• Eliminates internal hot spots
• Enhances power, mileage and durability
• Reduces emissions
• 5-year Warranty

Note: Available for Non-EGR only. Vehicle is EGR-equipped if the EGR crossover pipe (a black fiber-wrapped metal pipe that transfers exhaust gas from exhaust manifold and crosses over engine valve cover) is present.

The TwinRam is not only functional—it's pretty darn good looking too!

Banks TwinRam

Banks TwinRam

click for largerNote: Vehicles with Prime-Lok Fuel Filter Systems require a Fuel Filter Relocation Kit (PN 43400) with installation of PowerPack system or TwinRam intake manifold.


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TwinRam benefits

ApplicationYear RangePart #
Banks TwinRam intake manifold
Dodge 5.9L, Non-EGR
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-54
1994-98 42710
Fuel filter relocation kit
For Use With TwinRam Manifold
1993-98 43400

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Gale Banks' experience with high-performance engines and speed record-setting attempts provided excellent background in developing intake and exhaust manifolds to minimize flow losses and backpressure losses in an engine.

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