Monster® Exhaust

ISB PICKUP: Constant-diameter to slash backpressure and lower exhaust gas temperatures, Banks' Monster exhaust pipes bolt behind the turbocharger. The streamlined 4" turbine outlet pipe, head pipe, intermediate pipe and tailpipe are formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to outflow stock and the competition. Banks replaces the factory's restrictive muffler with a polished-stainless Monster muffler, featuring a straight-through 4"-diameter flow-path with a Banks-designed expansion chamber to dissipate the annoying mid-range exhaust drone that plagues most straight-through mufflers. Muffler utilizes spun ceramic, very-high-temperature packing and delivers an authoritative—but never intrusive—exhaust sound. The huge 5" polished-stainless steel tailpipe tip sports a rolled edge. And to help keep it looking good, there's a 1/2" air gap to keep heat from tarnishing the finish. An adjustable clamp lets you position it on the tailpipe just right. Extension pipe included with extended-cabs systems.

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The Monster Exhaust is available
with or without the Banks Power Elbow Assembly.


This system has a "side single" exit





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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Monster exhaust
Pickup | Standard cab
1998-02 48635
Monster exhaust
Pickup | Extended cab
1998-02 48636
Monster exhaust with Power Elbow
Pickup | Standard cab
1998-02 48637
Monster exhaust with Power Elbow
Pickup | Extended cab
1998-02 48638

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You ‘Walk the Walk’ Not Just ‘Talk the Talk.’ You ROCK!!


Bob of Page, Arizona, installed a Monster Exhaust system, Power Elbow, Big Hoss Diesel Tuner and a High-Ram air-inlet casting on an ’01 5.9L Cummins 24-valve turbo-diesel

I was driving a ‘66 Dodge pickup for 15 years. I finally got an 01' Dodge Turbo Cummins 2500 4-By...Used, but perfect!…white…beautiful! Stock, this truck was awesome. I say was, because with the Banks stuff I put's now a freakin' "Beast." I Love My truck!!! You guys at Banks no doubt "Walk the Walk"...not just "Talk the Talk." You ROCK!!

2002 5.9L Monster Exhaust and Power Elbow


Tom I got the Exhaust kit and as you said it was a snap to install, fact is it took longer to remove the old one than install the new. You said it would take about two hours, I guess with the right tools it did go faster than that. It took 45 minutes to remove the old and in less than a half hour after that we were on the freeway. The power had a great increase, and I know that the mileage has also increased too. My didn't like the idea of putting the new system on, but after a few hills and me asking her how do you like the sound, much to my surprise she said "I cant tell the differences." However, she did notice how much quicker it was at attaining the speed limit. The system is just what I wanted, thanks for the help.

Raymond F.
Malden, Wa.

2001 5.9L Monster exhaust & Power Elbow


I wanted to take time out to send you a picture of our Dodge 2001-2500 camper-barge set up that I pull when we go camping.

It sure has a lot more power and better fuel mileage since I've installed the Banks exhaust system.

I recommend it highly to any truck owner. I am anxious to see the fuel savings when we make our yearly trip to Brookings, Oregon. It has a lot of climbing and high altitude on the 5000 mile trip.

Thanks for your system,

Robert S.
Alto, TX


“Company founder Gale Banks is a pioneer in diesel performance.”
AutoWeek (May '05)