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Banks Super-Scoop®

Banks' exclusive Super-Scoop® is an add-on product to the Ram-Air® Intake System. Super-Scoop connects below the front bumper, forcing a big charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the Ram-Air Intake's air filter housing. Because the air is drawn from outside the engine compartment, it has greater density and makes more power than the warmer engine air.

Super-Scoop’s cooler, denser air also improves fuel economy, reduces smoke and lowers exhaust gas temperatures! Rainwater and debris are funneled out of the bottom.

Banks Super-Scoop

Banks Super-Scoop

Customer Michael K. of Murrieta, CA installed the Banks Super-Scoop on his 5.9L Cummins. Installation on the 6.6L Duramax is similar.

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click for storyDoes this sound familiar? "KROQ (106.7 FM) is the most powerful rock station in the world. It is also the number-one-rated radio station in Los Angeles. Radio programmers nationwide have endlessly copied KROQ's formats." Sounds a lot like Banks Power ... powerful, often copied ... so what better partnership could there be than KROQ and Banks Power teaming up to create the insane "Roq Rig." It's got just about everything we make for the Duramax, so if you've got one and you're looking to take it to the next level (of power and awesomeness) take a sec and check out what all went into making this dream truck a reality...


The more air you can flow through your engine, the more oxygen will be available for burning fuel. That means greater, more efficient combustion, which results in more power. This is where the Banks Ram-Air Intake System with optional Super-Scoop® comes in. The cold air box’s huge bottom opening and optional Super-Scoop inlet are engineered to inhale cooler, denser air from outside the vehicle. Stock systems don’t draw the cooler air from underneath, and many aftermarket “filter on a stick” designs leave the filter wide-open to all the hot underhood air, which robs you of power.

Banks Ram-Air® with Super-Scoop®

ApplicationYear RangePart #
Super-Scoop Kit
Chevy 6.6L Classic Body
2003-07 42168
Super-Scoop Kit
GMC 6.6L Classic Body
2003-07 42169
Super-Scoop Kit
Chevy/GMC, Trucks
(2010 for GMC only, not Chevy; GMT900 only--excludes GMT800, Classic Body)
2007-10 42235

Owners Manual(s)

Intake- Ram-Air Intake Super-Scoop (LB7, LLY, LBZ) '03-07 Tech_icon Download

Ram-Air development

Gale talks with SpeedTV about what went into developing the Ram-Air cold air intake system. (Note: Some components or designs shown may not be available for all applications.)

Ram-Air with SuperScoop on TruckU

From the TV show TruckU back in June 2008: Ram more cold air into your engine with Banks Ram-Air intake system. Ram even more with the SuperScoop. (SuperScoop is available for most Duramax and  Cummins engines.)

Ram-Air with SuperScoop on TrucksTV

Adding a cold air intake is just about the easiest thing you can do to add performance to your truck, and Banks Power has the best intake you can get. From the TV show Trucks! back in April 2006.

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Aside from the nuts and bolts of comparative performance and fuel economy is the aesthetic value of Banks' kit. Everyone who enjoys engine performance gets excited about equipment that looks good and has an authoritative sound. In those categories, Banks scores a 10.

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