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Banks Billet™ Torque Converter

Improve performance; never compromise it.
When subjected to heavy loads or high power output from the engine, the factory torque converter can fail, damaging your transmission in the process. Unfortunately, many aftermarket units skimp on clutch surface, leading to dangerous clutch wear and transmission heat. Some even weld the turbine fins in place, leaving gaps prone to leakage and loosening.

The Banks Billet Torque Converter (BBTC) with RaceLock® technology, on the other hand, is designed without compromise by world-class engineers to stand up to the most extreme punishment.

Tough? You want tough??
The BBTC’s furnace-brazed turbine prevents leaks, unwanted heating and wear. The three-friction-element clutch system and bulletproof billet steel cover maintain solid contact without flexing, allowing the BBTC to triple the torque capacity of stock—1800 lb-ft vs. 600 lb-ft. That’s tough enough for racing!

Gives slips the pink slip.
Because the lockup clutch is slip-resistant, transmission fluids stay cooler and transmission life is prolonged. The Banks Billet Torque Converter is designed to match the Duramax torque band to deliver maximum power to the wheels, cutting nearly a second off your 0-60 mph acceleration time, too. It’s the best way to reduce the likelihood of expensive transmission damage due to overheated transmission fluid or fluid contamination.

Banks versus stock
Left: Banks uses solid billet steel. Right: Stock bolt points are welded on.

Banks Billet Torque Converter installation
Banks Billet Torque Converter as installed on a Dodge.

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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Banks Billet Torque Converter
Chevy/GMC 6.6L w/Allison Trans
2001-10 72510

Customer video - GMC truck


Matthew from Las Vegas, Nevada tells his story of why he decided to put a Banks Big Hoss Bundle, Banks Billet Torque Converter, and Banks SpeedBrake on his 2007 GMC truck.

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This is a great upgrade for any truck that sees serious duty, says Ian at Xtreme4x4. Watch and see why the Banks Billet Torque Converter can help prevent clutch failure, converter failure, and slippage.

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In just one day, our test truck went from an anemic weakling to a menacing super truck ... That's tire-frying, throw-you-back-in-the-seat-from-a-stoplight power with Banks' Big Hoss Bundle.

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