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At Banks Power, just enough is never enough when it comes to engine airflow. Maximum power, performance and efficiency are the ultimate goals, but to make it all happen the engine has to breathe freely and without needless restrictions. Finding ways to pump your engine full of cooler, denser air has always been the key. Our High-Ram intakes have always whipped the competition. Our new Monster-Ram flat-out destroys it.

Utilizing the latest in electronic computational fluid-dynamic technology, tested on the flow bench as well as on the dyno, and finally proven in the real world where the rubber meets the road, Monster-Ram is a beast that only Banks could have unleashed. A simple, direct-replacement casting, Monster-Ram is instant power, performance and acceleration gratification. It's the perfect upgrade whether you're just starting out or working to build a serious, purpose-built machine. And with its up to six ports for water/meth/propane/nitrous injection (or pressure/temp. sensors), the sky's the limit for performance expandability. Monster-Ram is CNC port-matched to the stock heater as well as the optional Banks Billet Intake Heater Delete spacer.

For maximum results, step-up to the Monster-Ram with Banks Boost Tube System.

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Close-up of ports being used for
water-meth injection

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Installed on ICON's D200
(read about the ICON truck here)


Banks Monster-Ram available ports
Above: With up to six ports for water/meth/propane/nitrous injection (or pressure/temp. sensors), the sky's the limit for Monster-Ram's performance expandability.

Banks Monster-Ram versus stock inlet
Above: Banks Monster-Ram versus stock inlet. Notice how cramped and angular the factory inlet is compared to Banks’ larger, streamlined cast-metal Monster-Ram

Banks Monster-Ram 1998-02 3.5"
Above: Banks 3.5" Monster-Ram with 3.5" Boost Tube


If you want another half pound of boost, our Banks Billet Heater Delete is just the ticket. And...unlike some setups, when winter comes, you can put the Heater back in.



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Monster-Ram proof chart

Here it is in red, black and white. Proof positive that Banks Monster-Ram outflows the competition by anywhere from 29 to nearly 57%! Did we rig the test by doing anything to hurt the other guys' product performance? No way. We just kept improving ours until we put them on all back on the trailer.


Being an engineer as well as a competitive-as-hell hot-rodder means pursuing every airflow advantage possible. Back in ‘98, my original Dodge High-Ram crushed the flow of the stock elbow. This established yet another path to enhanced diesel power and mileage. But it also invited a slew of imitators, offering knock-off, pretender versions. Because they’ve essentially copied our original, the competitors’ numbers look pretty good.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, as much as I appreciate the compliment, it’s reality-check time for Banks’ competitors. At Banks, we settle for nothing less than the top of the market when it comes to performance.

We’ve taken a fresh  look at our original High-Ram design and I’ve got some bad news for the competition…we’re releasing a new generation Monster-Ram that blows away our original design and therefore everything else on the market.

Our new 3½" CNC Monster-Ram out-boosts its nearest competitor by 26.8% and that competitor is our new 3” CNC Monster-Ram.

As for the others we beat them by 29.3% for AFE all the way to 56.9% for BD.

This leaves the competitors with a dilemma. Will they just copy Banks all over again? Probably. But for customers who appreciate quality, credentials, and true engineering, Banks is the only game in town. And… we’ve got the records to prove it!


ApplicationYear RangePart #
Banks Billet Intake Heater Delete
Dodge 5.9L
1998-07 42732
Monster-Ram air intake kit
Dodge 5.9L
3-1/2" with 3-1/2" Boost Tube
1998-02 42764

Owners Manual(s)

Intake- High-Ram Intake System, '98-02
Compatible w/ Optional Banks Boost Tube
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Intake- Heater Delete Kit '98-07 Tech_icon Download

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