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Banks BrakeBanks Power’s latest direct-mount exhaust brake, for ’04.5-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesel trucks, performs better than the competition in terms of brake function, flow, reaction time and braking horsepower. This product of legendary Banks quality allows drivers to concentrate on the road, not on stopping.

The first thing you’ll notice about Banks Power’s newest exhaust brake is the robust construction of the ductile iron brake housing and the enormous, electronically controlled butterfly valve that’s affixed to a super-alloy shaft and bearings. These components, the brake housing and massive vacuum actuator (the mechanism that opens and closes the butterfly valve), are designed to be maintenance free.

Because the brake housing is mated directly to the outlet of the turbocharger, exhaust braking is immediate. In addition, the nonrestrictive design of the brake itself promotes good turbo response upon acceleration. No lag time. Now that’s performance.

What’s more, the Banks engineers designed two electronic features into this new Banks Brake system to provide greater flexibility and confidence when towing or hauling. The 2004.5 and newer Dodge trucks are equipped with a Tow/Haul mode, but Dodge did not provide a means to cancel overdrive until the 2006 model year. Even then, you need to exit Tow/Haul mode in order to put the truck into 3rd gear or lower. The brain behind the Banks Brake is the Computerized Brake Controller with SmartLock® (CBC). This electronic module ensures that the brake functions at the right times and optimizes the vehicle’s braking performance to minimize heat build-up and wear and tear of the wheel brake rotors and pads. Incorporated into the CBC is a switch that allows the vehicle operator to cancel overdrive at any time, a feature that delivers control over gear selection that is otherwise unavailable.

At the same time, CBC signals the transmission to engage the lockup clutch on the torque converter to increase hydraulic line pressure so the lockup is firm until you put your foot back in the throttle. Simply put, you have greater control for safer towing. The moment you are back in the throttle for that uphill run or merge onto a highway, the CBC system disengages so you are back to diesel pulling.

The second electronic feature designed into this new Banks Brake for the Cummins 5.9L also improves your control of the transmission gears. Now the CBC enables the Banks Brake to perform, and give you control, in 1st gear. Think about that ice-slick, snow-covered, two-mile-long driveway you pull the four-horse trailer down, in four-wheel drive, in the middle of the night. Or just pick your favorite nightmare in controlling the momentum of a maxed-out gross vehicle weight. If you’ve pulled a trailer or hauled heavy in a modern-day light-pickup diesel truck, you know the situations where low-speed control of your rig will benefit from this Banks Brake feature.

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Banks Power’s latest direct-mount exhaust brake (for ’04.5-07 Dodge Cummins 5.9L) performs better than the competition in terms of brake function, flow, reaction time and braking horsepower.

How an exhaust brake works. An exhaust brake is a device that essentially creates a major restriction in the exhaust system and creates substantial exhaust backpressure to retard engine speed and offer some supplemental braking.

Why add an exhaust brake? Exhaust brakes on diesel-powered vehicles can provide engine braking to assist deceleration, help control downhill vehicle speed, reduce brake heat, reduce brake wear, and provide a greater braking reserve for the conventional brake system.