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Banks Sidewinder® Top Diesel Dragster - Supercharged Monstrosity


Components Overview

Potentially one of the quickest and fastest machines ever to come out of the Banks Advanced Concepts Engineering enclave in well over a decade, this all-new Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster is about as purposeful a racing machine as you can get.

Pared down to the basics, this is a set of four racing tires held together with a long, slender space frame of strong 4130 chrome-moly tubing, equipped with a powerful clean diesel V-8 engine sitting right behind the almost claustrophobic driver's compartment that's aimed at one thing: setting down the absolutely quickest/fastest quarter-mile ever for any kind of a diesel powered machine (ever). (period.)

Technically, of course, there's just a bit more to the story ...

The Banks Top Diesel Dragster represents a philosophy that encompasses the toughest possible component tests there are. The company ends up with a wider range of superior information, which, in turn shows the engineers and designers at Banks how to craft better products. The consumer benefits both in function and quality. The process is unending.

As one takes a look through the following list of components and how they are matched together remember that just about each and every component aboard this machine has already been on the line and seasoned in combat in one way or another. In this racing machine every component is expected to function as a team multiplier - - the sum of the parts adding up to more than the best possible marks that each could register separately.

At this level of competition there can be no weak links, no compromise, no question marks, no single component that "...should be good enough."

That won't fly here.

...Welcome to a world where compromise is a dirty word and where if the pressure ever left off, we wouldn't have a clue as to what to do. At Banks our toughest competition has always been staring back at us every time that we look into a mirror.