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Banks Sidewinder® Top Diesel Dragster - Supercharged Monstrosity

NEWS ARTICLES: Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster

Banks Sidewinder
Dragster Gets More Power

Diesel World - February 2012

Banks Power, in Azusa, California, developed a GM 6.6L LMM Duramax diesel engine featuring twin turbos that produced 1,250 hp and 1,300 lb/ft of torque. The foundation of the second-generation Top Diesel engine is a GM 6.6L LML Duramax diesel…

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Inside Gale Banks Engineering's New
Blown 7.1L Duramax

Diesel Power - January 2012

Deep within the prototype building of Gale Banks Engineering lies an assembly room where some of the most powerful twin-turbo Duramax engines ever built were born. While most of us are familiar with Banks' diesel performance parts, very few people have seen inside the Banks research and development facility. It's an R&D department that comes with an extra R — and that R stands for racing. In simple terms, no one else in the diesel industry has anything like…

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Marine Animal
Professional Motorsports
- March/June 2009

Going quicker and faster than any other diesel-powered vehicle on the dragstrip is the obvious incentive for building the Sidewinder dragster. But Gale Banks, founder of Banks Engineering, has an ulterior motive: for the project to help protect the country.

The Sidewinder is the next testbed for the company to develop aftermarket products for the lucrative diesel-pickup and RV markets. Another division called Banks…

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