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Banks Sidewinder® Top Diesel Dragster - Supercharged Monstrosity

project videos: Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster

Banks water injection: Supercharged Duramax 871S

Here we're testing our Straight-Shot water-methanol injection system (we're using 100% water at this point) so we removed the scoop to give a view we bet you've never seen before in a dyno video. This pull was from 1000-5500 rpm with a top blower speed of 16,500 at the top of the pull. We're using the injection system for charge air cooling of the supercharger. Stay tuned for more noise and more power!

First Fire: Banks Supercharged Duramax 871S

Last time we ran our Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster it was twin-turbo'd. This time around we swapped the turbos for a supercharger. This video shows the first time we fired it up for the engine break-in on the dyno. The best part was when the blow-off valve opened and blew one of the cameras back! There's plenty more to come, so stay tuned…

SEMA Show 2013 - The Other Side of Banks Power

From building a serious back country machine to a serious street machine Banks Power has Diesel & Gas Powertrain available to the masses.

Banks Top Diesel Dragster: NHRDA Nationals

On March 6th, 2010 the Banks crew tested out the rail's new "Stroker" 427 cu. in., twin-turbo 7.0L Duramax engine at the NHRDA Nationals in Wittmann, Arizona. The numbers for this trip out were 7.670 @173.54. We were a little faster back in April 2009 when we ran 7.17 @ 181.08. We've also run a best trap speed of 190MPH with the car on a separate test session. All those runs were with our twin-turbo'd Duramax, and now we're getting set to hit the track with a supercharged configuration. Stay tuned for that! More info at

Sidewinder DRE

The newest engine from Gale Banks Racing Engines powers the Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster. This new "Stroker" Duramax is a 427 cu. in., twin-turbo 7.0 liter.

Top Diesel Dragster: Famoso Test

On April 30, 2009 the Banks Power crew headed out to Famoso Raceway and ran a 7.17 at 181.08 mph.

Top Diesel Dragster: First Fire

Let's fire it up!

Banks Top Diesel Dragster

The construction in Banks' race shop and the unveiling at SEMA '08 of Banks Power's very latest racing adventure/test probe, the Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster.