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Banks Sidewinde--GMC Sierra - The World's First Roadracing Diesel Truck

Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra project videos

Sidewinder GMC on the dyno

Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra dyno video.

Banks GMC Sierra race truck practice

Check out the engine sound on this baby! With no smoke and a big-block sound you'd swear it wasn't a diesel!

Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra

A pretty cool look at the Sidewinder GMC Sierra from bare parts to ripping it up at the track.

Go on the track in the Sidewinder GMC Sierra

Get a feel for what it's like driving a diesel road-race truck around the Willow Springs track in the Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra.

Inside Banks' backroom

Sam Mammolo of TV's Two Guys Garage takes a tour of Banks for a behind the scenes look at several racing projects as well as an insight into how Banks' products are developed.