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Banks Brake

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Banks Brake

Buy Now For $1,489.00

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Banks Brake exhaust braking system
Banks Brake exhaust braking system

Banks Brake

Control downhill speed without killing your brakes
Exhaust Braking System, for Stock Exhaust
For 2001-2004 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax, Stock Exhaust
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Computer-controlled exhaust brake safely cuts downhill speeds up to 52% without use of wheel brakes.

US Patent #6,152,853 A

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-140

Fitment Note

Fits Stock Exhaust Fits Auto Trans


It's better because it's Banks.
Banks Brake is designed and tested by engineers to provide strong, safe and sustained braking power. If your truck hauls loads and navigates hills, don't settle for less. Some designs bypass so much exhaust flow that they provide little or no additional braking. Others restrict exhaust flow when not in use, impeding driving performance. With its large housing and intelligently designed butterfly valve, Banks Brake provides superior braking power and allows for better engine breathing when not in use.

One smooth operator.
Banks computerized brake control automatically senses throttle position, controls brake engagement and provides smooth operation. None of that jolty, jerky feeling or annoying brake noise. Automated brake disengagement at low speed smoothes stop-and-go driving, improves mileage and helps eliminate turbo lag.

Cuts downhill speeds in half.
Downhill speeds are cut in half without use of the wheel brakes. This keeps them cool and ready for emergencies.

Pays for itself.
Banks Brake can actually pay for itself in reduced brake wear and brake maintenance while providing an extra margin of safety and peace of mind. Best of all, it's maintenance free.

Key Features

  • Cuts downhill speed up to 52 percent without use of wheel brakes
  • Pays for itself in reduced brake wear and brake maintenance
  • Computer-controlled exhaust brake maximizes braking power
  • Keeps brakes cool and ready for emergencies
  • Save thousands in brake maintenance!
  • Saves brake wear-and-tear
  • Controls Downhill Speed
  • Value-Priced Braking!
  • Fits Banks Exhaust

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Banks Brake downhill speed test
Banks Brake comparison

At a glance: Banks Brake vs. Others

Pitted against other top-selling exhaust brakes, Banks produces the strongest braking power through the optimal braking range, and maintains the lead after backshifting. The list of features listed below highlights Banks' uncompromising attention to engineering innovation. Everything about Banks Brake is superior, from the Computerized Brake Controller that replaces the clumsy throttle switch, to the exclusive brake housing assembly with the world's smartest butterfly valve and timed valve closure rate, to the vibration-resistant cradle-mounted power unit that never needs adjustment. Simply stated, Banks Brake is the most effective supplemental brake product you can buy.

Brake Comparisons

Fit Notes:

  • For Automatic Transmission
  • Compressor relocation kit required when used w/Ram-Air P/N 55234
  • Flange Adapter kit required when installing on non-Banks exhaust P/N 55246

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