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Six-Gun Diesel Tuner

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Six-Gun Diesel Tuner

Buy Now For $934.00

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Six-Gun Diesel Tuner
Six-Gun Diesel Tuner
Six-Gun Diesel Tuner
Six-Gun Diesel Tuner

Six-Gun Diesel Tuner

Gain +101 hp/+193 lb-ft, 0-60 mph 12% quicker
with Banks iDash SuperGauge
For 2008-2010 Ford F250/F350 6.4L Power Stroke
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Calibrated for sport and Stacked for Power. With 6 change-on-the-fly power levels and enhanced vehicle monitoring, Six-Gun delivers pavement-shredding power at the rear wheels. Exclusive AutoRate® and ActiveSafety® engine/transmission safeguards are standard.

US Patent # 7,593,808 & # 7,254,477

49 State Compliant

California Compliance in Progress


Calibrated for sport applications, Six-Gun delivers pavement-shredding power with CleanTune technology, which out-performs dirty, smoky tunes; has change-on-the-fly power levels; is Stacked for Power to tune pulse width, timing and fuel pressure; and has exclusive AutoRate and ActiveSafety engine and transmission safeguards. Six-Gun will rocket you from 0-60 mph 12% quicker.

Six-Gun delivers best gains of +101 hp and +193 lb-ft.

Banks CleanTune Technology out-powers dirty, smoky tunes. Exclusive, built-in engine and transmission safeguards.

All gains measured at the rear wheels, with recommended airflow improvements.

Vehicle Monitoring like no other! — Banks iDash SuperGauge opens a window into the vital inner workings of your vehicle, letting you see what's beyond the dashboard. This SuperGauge monitors, displays, and data logs multiple vehicle parameters such as speed, EGT, AFR, RPM, and engine temp. In addition, the iDash calculates Banks proprietary and/or patented information such as manifold air density, intercooler effectiveness, and more. Plus it logs performance, can set custom alerts. The iDash can also be used in pre-OBD-II vehicles by utilizing Banks expansion modules as well as numerous aftermarket ECMs.

The Banks iDash is designed to help you get the most out of your driving experience.

With Banks iDash SuperGauge 1.8, you add enhanced monitoring and easy control. Monitor data your vehicle's gauge won't show you, and real values that your vehicle masks. Instant real data to keep an eye on your engine, not the inaccurate filtered data that the manufacturer shows you that can sometimes lead to failure.

Key Features

  • Calibrated for racing and sport, Six-Gun delivers pavement-shredding best gains of up to +101 hp/+193 lb-ft at the rear wheels.
  • Has 6 change-on-the-fly power levels and is Stacked for Power.
  • Comes standard with exclusive AutoRate® and ActiveSafety® engine and transmission safeguards.
  • 0-60 mph 12 Percent quicker!

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