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PedalMonster is the best upgrade for your Toyota Tacoma

It’s no secret that while Toyota engines are reliable, they aren’t known for their horsepower and acceleration. The 4.0L and 3.5L V6 are both fine for the stock Tacoma, but once you add bigger tires, a lift kit, a rooftop tent and more, your truck is destined to feel sluggish and heavy, especially off the line. If you want to liven up your rig and get back that lost responsiveness without modifying your engine and voiding your warranty, you’ll need a throttle controller that provides smooth response with features that keep your truck and family safe.

PedalMonster is the perfect plug-and-play upgrade to wake up your truck. Whether you have a fully built overlander or just want a little bit more kick from your stock truck, PedalMonster allows you to fine tune your pedal response to match your needs.

PedalMonster has exclusive features that no other throttle controller can match. It's the best throttle controller available, out-classing Pedal Commander, Sprint Booster, and all others. 
  • OBD-connectivity - PedalMonster is the ONLY throttle controller that knows your year, make, model, transmission type, speed, and gear
  • Reverse Safety - Patented feature returns your pedal to stock response when backing up
  • Low Speed Trim - Limits sensitivity at slow speeds for slick surfaces or towing 
  • Safe 12v OBD power - Doesn't leech power from your low-overhead pedal circuit like all others. You may have seen videos of trouble codes caused by Pedal Commander drawing too much current from the +5v pedal circuit.

If you’re into rock crawling or technical trails, Low Speed Trim lets you reduce PedalMonster's added sensitivity under 10 mph. This means you can have the fine vehicle control you want on the rocks, without having to turn your throttle controller off and on each time.

Reverse Safety is a patented feature found exclusively in the Banks PedalMonster. It's the only throttle controller that knows when you’re backing up and seamlessly returns your pedal response to stock the moment you shift into reverse.

Your Tacoma is a capable vehicle that is reliable enough to get you home every time. The last thing you want to do is negate that reliability with a questionable device. Other throttle controllers leech power from the low-overhead +5v pedal circuit, meaning that if they overload the circuit, you not only lose you’re throttle controller but your throttle pedal as well. PedalMonster is powered by your Tacoma’s +12v fused OBD-II port which is designed to support accessories. The OBD port is also how PedalMonster knows everything about your truck including gear position and vehicle speed. Simply put, Banks' PedalMonster is the smartest, safest and easiest upgrade you can make to your Tacoma.