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Boost Tube Upgrade Kit

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Boost Tube Upgrade Kit

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Floating assembled photo of the Banks Boost-Tubes for 2020+ L5P Duramax
Photo of all the components used in the 2020+ L5P Banks Boost-Tubes
Comparison photo of the Banks vs Stock 2020+ L5P Hot-Side Boost-Tube
Comparison photo of the Banks vs Stock 2020+ L5P Cold-Side Boost-Tube
Detail photo of the dual billet cold-side couplers for the 2020+ L5P Boost-Tubes
Installed photo of the 2020+ L5P Boost-Tubes

Boost Tube Upgrade Kit

Increases throttle response and reduces turbo lag
Red powder-coated (Set)
For 2020-2022 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax, L5P
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Banks massive 3.5" boost tubes are the largest on the market, flowing more air than stock! Smooth mandrel-bent tubes deliver more air to your engine while reducing boost pressure loss resulting in quicker turbo spool and more power.

49 State Compliant

California Compliance in Progress


Banks Boost Tubes are the largest charge air cooler pipes in the industry measuring in at a full 3.5 inches. Every other competitive product on the market tops out at just 3.0 inches, and your factory pipes are only 2.5 inches with crushed bent corners and flimsy plastic components. By contrast, Banks Boost Tubes are made of high-quality aluminized steel for maximum strength and durability. With Banks Boost Tubes' smooth bends, your turbo can spool quicker thanks to improved boost pressure retention for maximum horsepower.

The Boost Tubes work with the stock Duramax intake components by using proprietary high-strength 5-ply silicone hoses. Unique to the 2020+ model, a pair of billet aluminum cold-side adapters are also used for the intercooler connection and the throttle body. These are specially made for the airflow requirements of the L5P and feature a Venturi-like taper on their inside diameter to maintain boost pressure and volumetric flow.

Key Features

  • Huge increase in size and flow over stock and competitors (3.5" vs 2.5")
  • Hot Side flows 490 CFM @ 12" vs stock 388 CFM
  • Cold Side flows 635 CFM @ 12" vs stock 435 CFM
  • Constant 3.5in diameter tubing for the best flow
  • Billet venturi couplers maintain boost pressure
  • Mandrel-bent aluminized steel construction
  • Allow the turbocharger to spool up faster
  • Spring-loaded constant tension clamps
  • Improves airflow by over 32% and 45%
  • 5-ply heavy-duty silicone couplers
  • Bung for a temperature probe

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Banks Boost Tubes Flow Best

A better flowing charge air cooler pipe and a pair of unique billet coldside adapters results in less boost pressure loss and improved performance for your Duramax. By allowing for more air to your engine, your turbo can spool faster and breathe easier. This results in maximizing horsepower, reducing stress on intake components, and improved turbo spool response.

Induction Perfection

Even with the tighter engine space in the 2020+ L5P, Banks engineers were still able to maintain a full 3.5" diameter on both the hot and cold side of our boost tubes. Put up side by side with the factory intercooler piping, ours could practically eat the stock one whole!

Banks Power, Boost Tubes, Charge Air Cooler, Comparison vs stock

Going The Extra Mile

GM revised, moved, and updated several components throughout the engine bay for the 2020+ L5P. Our engineers used CFD simulations to design the perfect taper and unique double parabolic billet couplers for both ends of the cold side tube to maximize airflow and reduce turbulence. No other manufacturer of intercooler pipes use this method of mounting.

Banks Power unique billet couplers

Do It Right

For the 2020+ L5P, GM decided to go with a near full rubber hose design on the cold side. This added flex and swelling the hose provides leaves additional performance on the table. Banks Boost-Tubes will never crack or dry out like the the rubber OEM Charge Air Pipes and are mandrel bent from aluminized stainless steel to resist deformation from clamping force and other stresses for unparalleled durability and strength.

Banks Power, Boost Tubes, Intercooler Pipes, Charge Air Cooler, Banks vs Stock