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Banks Ram-Air®

Starting at $429.00

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Banks Ram-Air®

Starting at $429.00

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Shown assembled
Shown assembled
Shown assembled
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Shown assembled
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Banks Ram-Air intake system installed
Shown installed
Banks Ram-Air®
Shown assembled
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Shown assembled
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Shown assembled
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Banks Ram-Air intake system
Shown assembled

Banks Ram-Air®

82% less restrictive than stock
Aggressive sound and more power
For 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L Turbo
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MSRP $476.67


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41848 Oiled and Dry Ram-Air Filters
Air Filter Element
Add a spare Oiled Filter to your order
Banks PreFilter installed on 41848
Prevents debris entering pleats.
Extends cleaning intervals.
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Banks Ram-Air intake maximizes air density, horsepower, and sound. Hear an aggressive new induction growl and feel more power under your right foot for your Jeep. Banks' unique shape rams more air into the turbo increasing air density and efficiency.

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-145

2018-2021; in-process for 2022-24

Fitment Note

Key Features

  • Big-Ass™ filter offers 627 square inches of filtration (PN:41848)
  • Massive increase of filter flow area vs stock and the competition
  • Removes the highly restrictive OEM intake plastic muffler
  • Large tapered intake track maximizes air velocity
  • Heat resistant XLPE construction reduces heat soak
  • Directs cool dry outside air into the engine
  • Filter Inlet Diameter ID: (6.5" x 4.8")
  • Filter offers 82% CFM gain over stock
  • Intake Outlet Diameter ID: (3.0")
  • Huge change in induction growl
  • Greater dirt holding capacity
  • Higher air density vs stock


Up The Flow
The Banks Ram-Air intake system ditches the traditional restrictive flat paper filter and baffled stock intake tube with a high flow conical element with a smooth flowing intake duct that is easy to maintain. Having the filter fully enclosed not only keeps power-robbing engine heat away, but it also prevents dirt and dust from clogging the filter prematurely, this is a Jeep after all so you're going to get dirty every once and a while.

Up The Velocity
The Ram-Air's smooth tapered design maximizes airflow by eliminating restrictions, resonators, and the plastic induction muffler in the OEM intake tract. Its smooth tapered shape directs cool dry air at a higher velocity into the engine. This is possible thanks to its large oval-shaped 6.5" x 4.8" opening. Cold dry air, is denser air, and air density makes power. With its oversized filter element, smooth intake track, and large 3" outlet, you can extract extra power and sound out of your Jeep, safely and reliably.

Beat The Heat
Banks temperature resistant Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) airbox rejects heat soak better than aluminum or the restrictive OEM design which can trap heat in pockets. Heat robs power, and the Banks Ram-Air design keeps heat out by acting as a barrier between your hot engine bay and your intake system, while simultaneously ramming more air into your engine. 

Keep It Clean
Available both as an oiled or dry filter variation, the Banks Big-Ass Filter offers 627 square inches of filtering surface area and flows 82% more CFM than stock. This massive surface area extends the duration between filter cleanings. The Banks filter continues to flow long after smaller competitive filters clog with dirt and debris.

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Flow Improvement

Banks Ram-Air intakes are tested to be the highest flowing and best performing in the industry.
Our unique large tapered intake shape maximizes velocity and air density while outflowing our competition by almost 40%.
Banks Power Cold-Air Intake CFM chart for 41844 2018+ Jeep JL 2.0L
This design allows for a massive increase in filter size and tube diameter, which lowers restriction and pressure loss in the intake track down towards the turbo inlet.


Our Jeep Ram-Air intake features a huge Big-Ass Filter with a central oval outlet for even 360-degree induction.
Banks Power large air filter for 2018+ Jeep 2.0L Turbo
41844 Banks Power Ram Air Graphic
This giant filter and outlet allows for less restriction through the intake while allowing for greater dust collection before performance is impacted.