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Banks Ram-Air®

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Banks Ram-Air®

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Banks Ram-Air<sup>&reg;</sup>
Banks Ram-Air<sup>&reg;</sup>

Banks Ram-Air®

Banks Ram-Air Superiority. Improve flow 53.4%
Oiled Filter, Cold Air Intake System
For 2011-2014 Ford F150 5.0L
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More power and better mileage. Beats stock and the competition. Up to 53.4% less restrictive than stock.

US Patent #10,138,851 B2

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-112


Banks opens up your truck's breathing with a flowbench-developed and dyno-proven Ram-Air Intake System that is 53.4% less restrictive than stock on the 5.0L at 600 CFM. Ram-Air's filter has a huge outlet with deep filter pleats that maximize flow and a complete air filter housing that draws in cooler, denser air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy.

Key Features

  • Extensively tested & validated
  • Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
  • Inhales cooler outside air for more power & MPG
  • Giant filter maximizes high-flow filtration
  • Helps engine run cooler
  • Accommodates engine movement
  • Prevents component damage
  • Extends service life and requires fewer cleanings
  • 5-year Limited Warranty
  • More power and better mileage
  • Beats stock and the competition!
  • Up to 53.4% less restrictive than OEM
  • OILED Air Filter Element

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The Banks Ram-Air utilizes the stock base, shown in the images below (3.5L EcoBoost shown). It's an easy, hassle-free fit that ensures a secure connection and no disruption to air flow.

Flowbench numbers are one thing, but engine bays are not an open room with cool dense air. Density is the key to power. That's why Banks tests in real world conditions.

the best cold air intake

Considering an air intake? You need to look here first. Banks Ram-Air blows away the stock configuration and our competitors! Some are worse than stock! (The above test data is for the 3.5L EcoBoost truck.)

Here is the Banks Ram-Air intake system on Truckin' magazine's 2013 EcoBoost truck. This was an early prototype that was custom-made to match the truck's paint scheme, but the design and function is the same as what you'll get with a Banks Ram-Air system for your truck.

Filter options

Choose from the traditional red, oiled filter or the all-new black, dry filter.