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Banks Brake

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Banks Brake

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Banks Brake
If your truck has TPS sensor, you need Banks part number 55229

Banks Brake

Control downhill speed without killing your brakes
Exhaust Braking System with CBC SmartLock
For 2004.5-2005 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 5.9L Cummins, Automatic Transmission
Shipping late May
MSRP $1,921.11


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A total system solution. Direct-mount exhaust brake dramatically cuts downhill speed without using wheel brakes.

US Patent #6,152,853 A

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-140

Fitment Note

Not compatible with Edge or other third-party OBD monitors.
Fits 325hp engine Does not fit 2004 w/TPS
If your vehicle has a TPS, you will need
Part Number:55229

Key Features

  • Direct-mount exhaust brake dramatically cuts downhill speed without using wheel brakes
  • Pays for itself in reduced brake wear and brake maintenance
  • Includes Computerized Brake Controller/SmartLock
  • Saves brake wear-and-tear
  • Controls Downhill Speed
  • A total system solution
  • Value-Priced Braking!
  • For use on Automatic Transmission equipped trucks


A total system solution with enhanced transmission control for exhaust braking, Banks' direct-mount, no-maintenance exhaust brake has electronics that monitor critical engine and transmission parameters to maximize braking efficiency. It dramatically cuts downhill speeds without using the wheel brakes. This keeps brakes cool and ready for emergencies, and saves thousands in brake maintenance. Optimizes exhaust flow when not engaged. Easy install; needs no drilling, cutting or modifications to stock wiring.

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Test Setup

A 2006 Dodge Cummins pickup was equipped with the Banks DynaFact® data acquisition system to measure vehicle speed, engine RPM, exhaust backpressure, transmission line pressure and braking horsepower.

Test runs on a 7% grade in the vicinity of Southern California's daunting Cajon Pass were done with the gear selector in both Drive and 2nd. Tow/Haul mode was used in all cases, per Dodge's recommendations. 55 mph was established at the top of the hill, and the foot brake was applied only if it became necessary to keep the vehicle at a safe speed (no greater than 65 mph).

Test Results

Banks Brake for '04.5-07 Dodge Cummins tested on 2006 crewcab short bed with 48RE automatic transmission at 7% grade; Banks data-acquisition system measured drop in downhill speed by 38% without using wheel brakes
Gear Start Speed w/o Banks Brake with Banks Brake
3rd 55 mph 65+ mph
(firm foot pressure required)
62 mph
(no foot brakes)
2nd 55 mph 60+ mph
(foot foot required)
37 mph
(no foot brakes)

Multiple configurations were tested: stock, Banks Brake with Computerized Brake Controller and SmartLock® (CBC), PacBrake, Jacobs and BD. All of the competitor brakes tested were a direct mount configuration and controlled by the vehicle ECM (an option that became available starting in the 2006 model year)

Banks Brake is superior to BD, Jacobs and PacBrake when measured at 7% downhill grade in 2nd gear
Banks Brake, tested on Superflow SF-1020 flowbench with valve in open position, had superior airflow over PacBrake, BD and Jacobs
Banks Brake achieved 203 peak braking horsepower, topping PacBrake, BD and Jacobs

  • Excessive use of foot brake required during descents in Drive: indication of possible runaway condition
  • Heavy use of foot brake required in 2nd gear to prevent excessive redlining & consequent engine damage
BD Brake
  • Uses a noisy electric pressure pump
  • Insufficient braking power: had to use foot brake during descents in Drive
  • Slow reaction time
  • Weakest of all exhaust brakes tested
  • Doesn't operate in 1st gear
  • More restrictive when open; hurts performance
  • Automatic-equipped trucks prior to '06 require BD's programmable Tow Loc and Pressure Loc kits to electronically control torque converter clutch engagement
  • Transmission line pressure just 83 psi during descent
Jacobs Brake
  • Insufficient braking power: had to use foot brake during descents in Drive
  • Doesn't operate in 1st gear
  • More restrictive when open; hurts performance
  • Transmission line pressure just 82 psi during descent
  • Slow reaction time
  • On/Off brake activity while in cruise condition results in noisy release of air pressure
  • Insufficient braking power: had to use foot brake during descents in Drive
  • Slow reaction time
  • Doesn't operate in 1st gear
  • Most restrictive of all brakes when open; hurts performance
  • Exhaust pressure regulation requires multiple moving parts that could stick or fail
  • Transmission line pressure just 83 psi during descent
Banks Brake with CBC and SmartLock
  • Smooth, controlled downhill descents
  • The only exhaust brake that didn't require use of the foot brake in Drive
  • Highest peak braking horsepower
  • Immediate response
  • Superior airflow with brake open
  • By far, the quickest braking response time
  • Transmission line pressure around 133 psi during descent
    • This added line pressure keeps transmission clutches firmly applied
    • Protects the transmission
    • Over 50% more protective line pressure than the others provide
  • Vacuum pump produces no audible noise over normal engine sound

Flow restriction
Banks Brake delivers instant braking power; PacBrake, BD and Jacobs need more than 6 truck lengths longer than Banks Brake to achieve the same level of power

Banks Brake versus the competition

Brake Delay 1 4 2 3 1=Best, 4=Worst
See Instant Braking Power chart
Braking Power 1 4 2 3 1=Best, 4=Worst
See Superior Stopping Power chart
Open Flow 1 3 4 2 1=Best, 4=Worst
See Unrivaled Flow chart
Overdrive Cancel in Tow/Haul Mode Increases RPM for better braking
Brakes in all Gears & Locks Torque Converter Added safety when low speed must be maintained while descending steep grades
Free from Wire
Tapping or Splicing
Far easier to install, Banks Brake needs no modifications to stock wiring
Maintenance Free Calibrated at the factory, Banks Brake never needs adjustment or maintenance
Boosts Trans
Line Pressure
Protects the transmission under higher braking loads
High-Temp Sealed Bearing System Added durability & reliability; zero maintenance
Lowest Operating Speed (as tested on an '06 vehicle)
14 mph 24 mph 24 mph 24 mph Only Banks Brake provides critical control at lower speeds

Includes:Cast, large-bore brake housing assembly; High-force 4-1/4" vacuum actuator; Belt-driven vacuum pump with serpentine belt for quiet operation; Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system; Wire loom; Mounting hardware.

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