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MAP Sensor Spacer Kit

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MAP Sensor Spacer Kit

Buy Now For $69.00

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2017-2024 L5P TMAP Spacer Hero 64410
2017-2024 L5P TMAP Spacer Sensor Side 64410
2017-2024 L5P TMAP Spacer O-Ring 64410
2017-2024 L5P TMAP Spacer Installed 64410
2017-2024 L5P TMAP Spacer Installed Alt 64410

MAP Sensor Spacer Kit

Extends MAP Sensor Life
Protects sensor from soot buildup
MAP Sensor Relocator
For 2017-2024 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L L5P
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Protect your Duramax L5P MAP sensor from dirty exhaust gas and sticky oil buildup with Banks’ MAP Sensor Spacer. It safely relocates your sensor out of the way of this contaminated air stream. A clean sensor maintains accurate measurements, resulting in consistent power and improved fuel economy.

49 State Compliant

Not for sale in California

Fitment Note

Due to the sensitivity of the sensor, GM advises not to use any chemical cleaners including water and do not use compressed air to remove contaminates. Proceed with cleaning the sensor at your own risk.

Key Features

  • Relocates MAP Sensor
  • Keeps your Duramax engine running efficiently
  • Reduces soot and oil buildup
  • Extends sensor service interval
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Black Anodized finish
  • Machined Banks Logo
  • Includes stainless Torx bolt and Torx tool

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Your engine’s EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and PCV (Positive Crank Case Ventilation) systems draw unburnt exhaust gasses and oil vapor into the combustion chambers to lower combustion temperature, reduce NOx, and keep harmful gasses from entering the atmosphere.

Banks Power, MAP Spacer, MAP Sensor, MAP Spacer for 2017-2024 Chevrolet GMC L5P


This recirculated exhaust gas and sticky oil vapor adheres to the MAP sensor’s delicate electronics causing inaccurate readings. This results in incorrect fuel calculations reducing fuel economy and power output.

Banks Power, MAP Sensor Dirty with Carbon

Banks MAP Spacer is the attractive, easy way to prevent this oily soot from building on your MAP sensor by relocating it up and out of the contaminated exhaust stream.

Banks Power, MAP Spacer vs No Sensor, MAP Sensor, MAP Spacer for 2017-2024 Chevrolet GMC L5P Alt


Requiring only a minute or two to install, Banks MAP spacer eliminates the need for periodic cleaning. It protects your sensor from faulty readings, ensuring proper air-fuel ratios are always calculated by your Duramax’s ECM.

With a machined logo, show your Banks pride while extending your sensor's cleaning or replacement intervals.

Banks MAP Spacer Installed