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PowerPack Bundle

Starting at $3,239.00

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PowerPack Bundle

Starting at $3,239.00

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PowerPack Ford 68L 49494
PowerPack Ford 68L 49494
Banks PowerPack system
Shown installed
Banks Chassis Dyno
Banks PowerPack system
PowerPack Ford 68L 49494
PowerPack Ford 68L 49494
PowerPack Ford 68L 49494

PowerPack Bundle

Gain +56hp & +70lb-ft, plus 7 Percent more MPG
For 2006-2010 Ford Class-A Motorhome 6.8L, Driver or Passenger-side tailpipe exit
Limited Inventory
MSRP $3,598.89


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Remove airflow restrictions with complete intake and exhaust system plus advanced programming. Gain up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft. 7 Percent more MPG. Chrome tip. Includes AutoMind

US Patent #6,634,171 B1

49 State Compliant

Not for sale in California

Fitment Note

Fits Ford 6.8L MH A, Left or Right Exit

Key Features

  • Remove airflow restrictions with complete intake and exhaust system
  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power & MPG
  • Includes AutoMind with advanced programming
  • Honors the host vehicle & improves longevity
  • Gain up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft
  • 7% more MPG
  • CHROME tip


Remove airflow restrictions with complete intake and exhaust system plus advanced programming for up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft, 7% more MPG and optimum engine efficiency.

Here's a major dose of new RV power without the new RV price! PowerPack delivers 26% more horsepower and torque to your V-10: up to +56 hp and +70 lb-ft at the rear wheels. Rockets you up 6% grades 12% faster and chops three seconds off your 0-60 mph time. With PowerPack's engineered intake and exhaust upgrades plus calibrated fuel tuning (optional), your rig will pass and merge a whole lot easier and more safely - and you'll get up to 7% more MPG , too!

Please note:
Fits all Fleetwood and National RVs except 2004 and up Powerplatform and Duraframe models.

Includes: AutoMind Programmer, Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System, Ram-Air Oiled Filter, TorqueTube Exhaust Manifold System, Monster Exhaust System, Extension Pipe, Chrome Tailpipe, Heatshield, Banks Power Urocal, CARB Decal, Includes all necessary hardware.

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Ford 6.8L Motorhome Torque Gains
Ford 6.8L Motorhome Power Gains

2006 Thor 4-Winds Motorhome equipped with a 6.8L 30-valve Triton V-10 engine. While the engine is rated by the factory at 362 hp, on the dyno the stock best gain was only 242 hp.

Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

Banks' streamlined, stainless steel TorqueTubes (shown compared to the stock headers) are the industry's only parallel 5-tube exhaust manifolds for RVs with thick, 5/8-inch flanges that will never warp or leak.
Unlike competitors who add a separate tube length to a 4-tube formation, Banks integrates five tuned-length tubes into a design that allows rotational firing of the cylinders through the exhaust, minimizing backpressure and maximizing torque.
Banks versus stock

Banks Power Pickle Cut-Away
Banks Ram-Air intake for V10 motorhomes

Power @ Rear Wheels Stock Motorhome Banks PowerPack Improvement Result
Horsepower, best gain 216.3 hp
(4200 rpm)
271.9 hp
(4200 rpm)
+55.6 horsepower 26% more
Torque, best gain 270.5 lb-ft
(4200 rpm)
340.0 lb-ft
(4200 rpm)
+69.5 horsepower 26% more
Horsepower, peak-to-peak 242.1 hp
(5000 rpm)
284.9 hp
(4800 rpm)
+42.8 horsepower 18% more
Torque, peak-to-peak 316.5 lb-ft
(3000 rpm)
360.6 lb-ft
(3600 rpm)
+44.1 lb-ft torque 14% more
Acceleration, 0-60 mp 24.20 sec 21.28 sec -2.92 sec 12% quicker
Acceleration, 40-60 mph 12.00 sec 10.36 sec -1.64 sec 14% quicker
Hillclimb speed, 6% grade 52 mph
(4th gear)
58 mph
(5th gear)
+6 mph
(+1 gear)
12% faster
Fuel economy 7.20 mpg 7.73 mpg +0.53 mpg 7% better

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