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PowerPack Bundle

Starting at $3,559.00

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PowerPack Bundle

Starting at $3,559.00

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Banks PowerPack system
PowerPack 47556-B and Black
Banks PowerPack system
Banks PowerPack system
Banks PowerPack system
Banks PowerPack system

PowerPack Bundle

Pass, merge, climb effortlessly + more towing MPG
For 1999.5-2003 Ford F250/F350 7.3L Power Stroke, Automatic Transmission
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The Ultimate Power System for Towing and Work. Gain up to +104 hp/+224 lb-ft. 14 Percent more towing MPG. Chrome or Cerakote Black tip.

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-82

Key Features

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power & MPG
  • The Ultimate Power System for Towing & Work
  • Honors the host vehicle & improves longevity
  • Gain up to +104 hp/+224 lb-ft
  • 14% more towing MPG
  • CHROME or Cerakote Black tip


Stunning top gains of +104 hp, +224 lb-ft (rear wheel) and 14% improved towing mileage, thanks to Banks' intake, turbo, exhaust, transmission and tuning upgrades. PICKUP/EXCURSION: PowerPack rips the lid off 1999-and-up Power Stroke potential, utilizing Banks' exclusive Intercooler assembly and TwinRam manifold inlet assembly to pack more cool, dense air into engine. The difference is stunning: with top gains of +104 hp, +224 lb-ft torque and 14% improved towing mileage, your Power Stroke can out-run, out-pull, out-perform and out-last any diesel on the planet. Note: Banks TwinRam manifold inlet assembly is included with 1999 & 1999-1/2 (early) PowerPacks (not required for late 1999 & later vehicles).

Test vehicle: 1999 F-350 crew-cab dually, 2-wheel drive, 4R100 4-speed automatic trans.
Towing combined vehicle weight: 20,000 lbs.
Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

Fitment Notes:
Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit.

1999 Power Stroke variations:
Ford trucks for model year 1999 fall into three categories: 1999, early 1999-1/2 and late 1999-1/2.
It is important to know the specific model. Check the build date on the tag inside the driver's door, then match: 1999 model year (built prior to 1/99 with catalytic converter), Early 1999-1/2 model year (built prior to 1/99, no catalytic converter, intake manifold has 2 inch-diameter inlets), Late 1999-1/2 model year (built on or after 1/99, no catalytic converter, intake manifold has 3 inch-diameter inlets). 1999-03 F-350 cab-and-chassis (no bed) trucks: If fuel tank is behind rear axle of the vehicle, use systems for F-450/550 trucks. Pickups other than standard-cab long-bed or extended-cab short-bed require Exhaust Extension Kit.

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Includes: Banks TransCommand Module, Ram-Air Oiled Filter, Techni-Cooler Intercooler System, Turbine Housing, Turbocharger Compressor Wheel, BigHead Wastegate Actuator, Monster Turbine Outlet Pipe, Monster Exhaust System, Chrome or Cerakote Black Tailpipe, Heatshield, Banks Power Urocal, CARB Decal, Includes all necessary hardware.

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