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PowerPack Bundle

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PowerPack Bundle

Buy Now For $3,239.00

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Banks Power System bundle
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Banks PowerPack system

PowerPack Bundle

Pass, merge, climb effortlessly +120 hp/+256 lb-ft
For 1995.5-1997 Ford F250/F350 7.3L Power Stroke, Manual Transmission
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The Ultimate Power System for Towing and Work. Gain up to +120 hp/+256 lb-ft (rear wheel) and 10 Percent improved mileage.

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-124, D-161-82, D-161-59


Stunning top gains of +120 hp, +256 lb-ft (rear wheel) and 10% improved mileage, thanks to Banks' intake, turbo, exhaust, transmission and tuning upgrades. PICKUP: PowerPack supplies the ultimate in power, utilizing Banks' exclusive Intercooler assembly that cools and condenses engine-air to fortify performance and durability through the drivetrain and to the road surface. PowerPack uncorks best gains of +120 hp, +256 lb-ft torque and 10% more mileage. In terms of raw power, strong acceleration and lugging heavy cargo up a grade, PowerPack-equipped Power Strokes perform circles around the rest. Example: slash nearly a thousand feet off your 0-to-60 mph distance, and tow from there!

Banks Ram-Air filter
Banks Intercooler assembly with TwinRam manifold inlet, powder-coated steel boost tubes, rubber shock mounts and flexible, high-temp hoses
OttoMind engine-calibration module (PowerPack calibration)
Quick-Turbo turbine housing
Stainless, heat-shielded Monster turbine outlet pipe
Stainless, 3-1/2 inch constant-diameter Monster tailpipe
4 inch polished-stainless tailpipe tip
TransCommand transmission-management module (automatics)
DynaFact pyrometer and boost gauge assembly

Test vehicle: 1997 F-250 heavy-duty crew-cab pickup, 4-wheel drive, 4.10 gear ratio.
Solo vehicle weight: 6,850 lbs. Towing combined vehicle weight: 17,480 lbs.
Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

1995 Power Stroke variations:
Ford trucks for model year 1995 fall into two categories: early 1995 and late 1995.

It is important to know the specific model: Early 1995 model year - little or no straight section at muffler outlet, where it connects to tailpipe. Late 1995 model year - appx. 3 inch straight section at muffler outlet, where it connects to tailpipe.

Key Features

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power & MPG
  • Big gains up to +120 hp/+256 lb-ft (rear wheel)
  • The Ultimate Power System for Towing & Work
  • Honors the host vehicle & improves longevity
  • 10% improved mileage

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Includes: Techni-Cooler Intercooler System, Turbine Housing, Banks Power Urocal, CARB Decal, Includes all necessary hardware.

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