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B-Bus In-Cab 6-Pin Extension Cable

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B-Bus In-Cab 6-Pin Extension Cable

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6-Pin Female to Female Cable, used for connecting an iDash to a PedalMonster

B-Bus In-Cab 6-Pin Extension Cable

Connect PedalMonster to iDash/Derringer
48in 6-pin cable, Connects iDash to PedalMonster Stand-Alone
For iDash DataMonster and SuperGauge to PedalMonster
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B-Bus in-cab 6-Pin extension cable for use when connecting a Derringer and iDash to an existing PedalMonster.  

NOTE: One end of female-to-female cable connects to PedalMonster and the other end plugs into the iDash. The cable is only required when adding an iDash or Derringer to an existing PedalMonster Stand-alone Kit.

CARB E.O. Not Required


Banks Bus in-cab extension cable 4 feet (48 in) long. Used for connecting (iDash or Derringer) to PedalMonster. (6 pin female, 6 pin female)

Key Features

  • 48-Inch Length
  • Female-to-Female 6 pin B-Bus Connection
  • For connecting (iDash or Derringer) to PedalMonster

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