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PowerPack Bundle for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L

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PowerPack Bundle for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L

Buy Now For $2,163.73

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Banks PowerPack system for 2017-2019 Ford SuperDuty
Banks iDash DataMonster and Derringer tuner
Banks PedalMonster for Ford SuperDuty
Banks iDash Stealth Pod for Ford Super Duty
Banks Ram-Air Intake for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty
Banks Monster Exhaust for Ford Super Duty

PowerPack Bundle for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L

Adds up to +72 hp & +148 lb-ft 8% quicker 30-90mph towing acceleration
For 2017-2019 Ford F250/F350/F450 6.7L Power Stroke
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MSRP $2,545.56


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The Banks PowerPack for your 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke is a complete system engineered for maximum sustained output, improved fuel economy, and engine durability. Includes patented performance and safety features, unrivaled by competitors. Bundled for additional power and savings.

50 State Compliant

CARB E.O. D-161-127, 132, 135, 141

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Consistent Power Delivery

Greater than the sum of its parts, the Banks PowerPack for the Ford Super Duth with the 6.7L Powerstroke is a cohesive system that unlocks your truck’s full potential. The PowerPack combines throttle enhancement, Derringer tuning, data monitoring, and mass airflow improvements to deliver continuous engine power, improved durability, lower exhaust gas temps (EGTs), and maximum fuel economy.

The Smartest Inline Tuner

The Derringer is dyno-calibrated to use multiple data inputs such as throttle position, rpm, vehicle speed, AFP, knock, coolant temperature, and EGT, just like your engine's ECM.

It actively and safely optimizes calibrations in real-time thanks to its OBD-II connectivity while providing huge performance gains, all while keeping your factory ECM happy, temperatures under control, and transmission safe.

No competitive tuner does that.

Ford 2017-2019 Derringer gains 59 horsepower and 106 torque

Banks vs the Competition

The Derringer tuner is the only option you should be plugging into your truck. The other guys claim big numbers on paper but simply don't deliver in the real world!

The Derringer is the only tuner that actually utilizes your truck’s ECM to make intelligent calculations. Hundreds of man-hours went into Derringer's development and the results are nothing short of impressive.

We tested every other tuner and they all fall short. Infact power can even be reduced under load as the tuner box and factory ECM fight each other over rising Exhaust Temps and unsafe power delivery.

Ford 2017-2019 Derringer gains 59 horsepower and 106 torque

Total Throttle Control

Much more than just an On/Off throttle booster switch, PedalMonster fills the dip in your factory pedal map and restores the fun responsive feel of a linear cable throttle.

Unlike conventional cable throttles, modern electronic throttles are not linear. Part-throttle drivability is often dampened as a means to stretch fuel economy, giving a mushy and unresponsive feel.

PedalMonster puts the fun back into driving.

Animated Gif Simulating Pedal Response On Banks PedalMonster

iDash & Stealth Pod

With a simple clean look, iDash® Stealth Pods are the perfect mount solution for 52mm iDash® gauges and engineered to withstand, heat, cold, and UV exposure for the life of your vehicle.

Press-and-go friction fit requires no screws or tape to mount the iDash®— just slide in your gauge, and twist to clock it level.

Banks Dual Stealth Pod Installed

Designed with an optimized viewing angle using your factory your A-Pillar to minimize eye movement while driving.

View all the information you need at a glance, while simultaneously displaying PedalMonster controls

Banks Single Stealth Pod Installed

Air Density King

The Banks Ram-Air ® intake out-flows and out-performs stock, aFe and S&B both in the lab and on the street.

A 49% gain in Mass Air Flow was achieved on the flow bench, but ideal lab tests only tell half the story.

Hauling a heavy load during our real-world drive testing, a true 40% improvement vs stock in intake air density was measured.

Flow bench chart comparing Banks against competition

Reliable and consistent engine power and efficiency is the goal for our Banks Ram-Air ®

This requires a free-flowing low restriction intake that also lowers intake temperatures.

The Banks Ram-Air ® intake system draws air from two locations, the main front scoop as well as a bottom opening towards the front.

Animation showing air flow through banks Ram-Air intake


The stock exhaust hides a 2.44" nozzle further necking down the system and pinching exhaust flow at the end. By comparison the Banks Monster Exhaust's 4.87" internal diameter has almost 4x the flow area vs stock!

This results in 82% less backpressure, leading to more power, throttle response, and increased fuel economy.

Banks Power, Monster Exhaust, Obround tip vs OEM dual

The Monster Exhaust massive 6.5"x7.5" tip is aimed out to the side of the truck and provides a reduction in exhaust temperature two feet behind the tip during regen.

With a rocket nozzle-like tip, exhaust gasses are literally sucked out of the end of the exhaust, reducing back pressure all they back up to the turbo inlet.

Banks Power, Monster Exhaust, Obround tip