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PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L

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PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L

Buy Now For $3,606.83

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Banks PowerPack for 2019+ RAM Cummins
iDash DataMonster and PedalMonster for RAM 2500/3500
iDash Stealth Pod for RAM 2500/3500
PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L
PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L
PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L
PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L

PowerPack Bundle for 2019-2024 RAM 6.7L

Gain the most power and save! Improves Passing, Merging, Towing
For 2019-2024 Ram 2500/3500 6.7L Cummins
Single Rear Wheel only
Save extra 5% with Bundle
MSRP $4,243.33


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The Banks PowerPack for your 2019-2024 Ram 6.7L is a complete system engineered for maximum sustained output, improved fuel economy, and engine durability. Includes patented performance and safety features, unrivaled by competitors. Bundled for additional power and savings.

49 State Compliant

California Compliance in Progress

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Big, Continuous Power

Greater than the sum of its parts, the Banks PowerPack for the RAM 2500/3500s with the. 6.7L cummins is a cohesive system that unlocks your truck’s full potential. The PowerPack combines throttle enhancement, data monitoring, mass airflow improvements, and cooling to deliver monumental continuous power, improved durability, lower exhaust gas temps (EGTs), and maximum fuel economy.

Experience quicker 0-60, easier freeway merging, and effortless towing while removing factory airflow restrictions for maximum sustained engine efficiency, power, and fuel economy.

Total Throttle Control

Much more than just an On/Off throttle booster switch, PedalMonster fills the dip in your factory pedal map and restores the fun responsive feel of a linear cable throttle.

Unlike conventional cable throttles, modern electronic throttles are not linear. Part-throttle drivability is often dampened as a means to stretch fuel economy, giving a mushy and unresponsive feel.

PedalMonster puts the fun back into driving.

Animated Gif Simulating Pedal Response On Banks PedalMonster

iDash & Stealth Pod

With a simple clean look, iDash® Stealth Pods are the perfect mount solution for 52mm iDash® gauges and engineered to withstand, heat, cold, and UV exposure for the life of your vehicle.

Press-and-go friction fit requires no screws or tape to mount the iDash®— just slide in your gauge, and twist to clock it level.

Banks Power, Boost Tubes, Charge Air Cooler, Comparison vs stock

Designed with an optimized viewing angle using your factory your A-Pillar to minimize eye movement while driving.

View all the information you need at a glance, while simultaneously displaying PedalMonster controls

Banks Single Stealth Pod Installed

Cold Air In

The Banks Ram-Air removes the restrictive stock S-shaped plastic snorkel with a straight connection to the front scoop.

At highway speeds or when towing, fresh cool air from outside the engine bay is constantly being forced into the airbox, keeping intake temps low and density or Mass Air Flow up.

Banks Power, Banks Ram-Air, Ram-Air Intake, ram air intake system, cold air intake system for cummins 6.7l

Maximum Mass Air Flow

With the highest airflow at the lowest pressure loss, the Banks Ram-Air lets your turbo work less hard, spin slower, and create less heat to maintain optimum boost pressure.

Compared to the rest, the Banks Ram-Air® is the only intake able to feed enough air into our Monster-Ram Intake Elbow without acting as a throttle on the engine.

Banks Power, Ram Air Intake, Ram-Air Intake, Banks Power Intake, Intake for 6.7L Ram

Built To A Higher Standard

Banks Boost-Tubes liberate horsepower at the wheels by improving engine and turbo efficiency. Removing the stock restrictive pipes increases mass air flow by reducing the pressure loss normally found with the stock components.

Banks Boost-Tubes feature larger 3.5 inch constant-diameter piping throughout, and made with steel for enhanced strength and durability against cracking, stress, or damage.

Side View of OEM vs Banks Hot Side Boost-Tubes

This denser air allows the engine to maintain horsepower with less fuel, hit the same boost pressure target with less added heat, and in turn, reject less heat into the engine oil and coolant system.

26006, Banks Power, Boost-Tubes, 2019+ Ram Boost Tubes

Monster Exhaust
Monster Size

The factory RAM exhaust uses several different sizes of pipe that are MIG welded together. This mismatch of pipe sizing and abrupt bends adds resistance to the exhaust system.

By comparison, the Banks 5in Monster-Exhaust system is mandrel bent with a smooth constant inner diameter. Exhaust gas scavenging is maintained from tip through the DPF outlet.

Banks Power, Monster Exhaust, Massive Monster Exhaust vs Stock

Drop The Pressure

Banks patented negative back-pressure SideKick tip virtually eliminates back-pressure after the DPF. With a side-draft rocket nozzle-like tip, exhaust gasses are literally sucked out of the end of the exhaust.

With pressure sensors installed, this negative exhaust pressure resulted in an impressive 9% reduction all the way back to the turbo inlet.

Banks Power, Monster Exhaust, Obround tip, negative back pressure simulation